5 Non Beauty Summer Essentials

Non Beauty Summer Essentials everyone needs

I have love-hate relationship with summer. When it is cold, I am looking forward to it, when it is boiling hot then I am looking forward to cool days. There’re some non beauty summer essentials that could help…

Looks like I am never satisfied. However I like wearing thin layers of clothes rather than having to dress up to keep myself warm. But then having to worry about all small bits like covering yourself with sun cream, drinking plenty of water, making sure you get enough sleep and so on…

Every summer, I tend to reach some items frequently, so here’s my non beauty essentials that I must have in my life in summer. Sun cream comes at the top of the list as most of the time it gets really hot in Istanbul, you wouldn’t want to go all red. Perfumes are great, I wear them every day however in summer I also have to use deodorants, for some reason it makes me feel more refreshed than perfumes. Also roll on is the other thing I can’t go without using. Important bit about choosing roll on is, it should dry quickly and last for whole day without causing any white marks on my clothes especially if I am wearing a dark colours. Sun glasses are also must haves, I can’t go out without them. If I am in a rush and I forget it, then my eyes burn like someone throw sands in them. Last but not least, I believe everyone should have hand sanitizer in their bags, especially if you’re using public transport quite often. In hot weather germs get more as it is really suitable environment for them to reproduce. So better keep yourself away from these nasty little things… So this is my list of non beauty items which I believe everyone should have in their life.

What are your must-haves in summer?

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