25 Christmas blog post ideas

25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas - There are so many festive posts ideas that you could write about during December. From baking to beauty... whatever you could think of. In the blog post, I share 25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas to write about this festive season.

I know it will be a cliché to say but do you also agree that 2016 has passed so quickly? It feels like time flies and now we are only 31 days away from a brand new year. Whether you’re planning to participate Blogmas or you need some festive blog post ideas, you can find 25 Christmas blog post ideas in this post. 

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DIY Leaf Gift Tags for Personalised Gifts

Why don't you make your gifts more personalised this year? Instead of using store bought gift tags, how about making your own gift tags with leaves? DIY Leaf gift tags are easy to make and it will make your gifts stand out.

Personal touches on gifts can make them even more special. It shows how much effort you put in. Do you like adding personal touches to your gift? If you do then you might want to carry on reading. You might be wrapping quite a few presents this year, what do you use as a gift tag? How about using DIY leaf gift tags rather than some paper one?

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DIY Candle Holder – Autumn Decorations

DIY candle holder is so easy to make, you only need a few things to make your own candle holder which you can use in long autumn and winter nights.

Autumn is one of the seasons that you can get really creative with many things. Makeup, style, food and of course decoration are some of these things. Don’t you like that colourful nature which can be quite inspiring. One of the decoration idea could be DIY candle holder which you could make with the colourful leaves or pine cones.

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DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holder

DIY wine bottle candle holder is easy to make and all you need is spray paint and wine bottles. With just painting the bottles, you can turn them into something stylish and pretty.

If you are a wine lover then you might be left with quite a few bottles at the end of the week. Instead of throwing them, there must be some ways to upcycle them. How can you turn wine bottles into something fancy looking or something different? There are so many things you can do with bottles. Some of them take only a few minutes and some require a little bit effort. Let’s start with the easiest one… DIY wine bottle candle holder or DIY wine bottle vase, however, you wish to use it.

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