M&S Advent Calendar – Pixi Brow Tamer

Pixi Brow Tamer claims to be the perfect finishing touch to any brow look, defining & shaping instantly. Pixi Brow Tamer will give you the softest brows so you won't need to worry about having crispy brows but the soft and natural brows.

Sometimes all you might want is a few simple touches to get that flawless no makeup look, luckily there are so many products that would help us with that. Tinted moisturisers, clear brow and lash gels, lip balms and so on… Choices are limitless! Pixi Brow Tamer is one of these products that can give you what you want.

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Budget Beauty – MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlight Cushion

MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlight Cushion Gold will enhance the natural radiance with a beautiful golden glow. You can get the extra glow with the help of a budget highlighter that will give the most beautiful glowy complexion.

What is radiance? Dictionary meaning is “Radiance is a type of glowing: either from a light source like the sun or a healthy, beaming person.“. Lately beauty world is focusing on “radiance” more and more and we want to look radiant. Luckily with a few tricks, it is not that hard to change the dull complexion. You shouldn’t only rely on makeup products for it. If the glow is not enough then the makeup products like MUA Luxe Glow Beam Highlight Cushion can help you with that. 

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