5 Ways to Make Monday Better

5 Ways to Make Monday Better - How you start your week will affect your whole week, so instead of starting it with complaining, let's make things better.

Have you ever struggled to wake up on Monday mornings? Like snoozing the alarm countless times, thinking a few extra minutes would make us feel better. I am sure we all did that a lot! Instead of feeling like shipwreck on Mondays, there must be some ways to make Monday better.

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Laser and Non-Laser Treatment Comparison

Laser Treatment

*image used not my own

Sooner or later, you find yourself with a skin condition that won’t go away on it’s own. You look at various treatment options, maybe even trying a few of them, and find the condition remains. Before randomly trying another option, take a look at what each has to offer. Perhaps it’s time to try a Laser Treatment.

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Hello Again

Wedding Photography

Hello again… It has been quite a long time since I was around last time, there was so much going on and I absolutely had no time to focus on the blog. Now I am back to this little world, I have so much to catch up with.

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Spring and Summer Wishlist

Spring and Summer Wishlist 2016

Do you have an ever growing wishlist like I do? When there are many new releases, it is probably normal to want to try all of them, however, what if you’re on a spending ban? Well then your wishlist will be getting way longer than you would expect it to be, this is what’s happening to me! If I win the lottery, I know what I’ll be doing first… getting my spring and summer wishlist shorter!

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