Wedding Dress – Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Dress for Summer Weddings - Strapless Wedding Dress

Picking a wedding dress is not easy, there are so many decisions to make like.. there are different models from A line to ball gown, different colours white to ivory and so many other tiny details and most importantly budget. So, deciding on a wedding dress should be one of the first things to do once the big day is set.

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Hello Again

Wedding Photography

Hello again… It has been quite a long time since I was around last time, there was so much going on and I absolutely had no time to focus on the blog. Now I am back to this little world, I have so much to catch up with.

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Wedding Hair and Makeup Inspirations

Wedding Hair Inspirations
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How much effort does it take to arrange the perfect wedding? I can say so much… More than I ever imagined. Wedding is not only about finding the perfect venue and the dress, but also about deciding on all the small but important things like which flower to chose or what about shoes to wear. Two of the hardest things to decide on are hair and makeup. When there are so many pretty things online and on the magazines, it is hard to pick what you want. Wedding hair and makeup inspirations can be a little trick too…

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