Let’s Talk Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Natural Lip Balm

Winter is approaching and with changing weather I can feel my skin acting up. It gets sensitive due to the cold and also really dry. It is not only my skin that gets dry, but also my lips. That’s why I am using lip balm all the time during this season. Even though Autumn might be my favourite season, I just don’t like how it affects my whole system.

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Let’s Talk False Eye Lashes

How to apply false eye lashes | They look good, however they are not easy to apply, find out which eye lashes to choose and how to apply.

Wearing false eye lashes is something I hardly do. It is like a love and hate relationship. I love the way they look on others, however, I always struggle wearing them. I remember trying like 5-10 minutes to get false lashes to look right on my eyes, so after a few unsuccessful attempts I hardly wear them. I only occasionally wear individual false lashes, but that’s all about it. How about you?

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