Let’s Talk Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Natural Lip Balm

Winter is approaching and with changing weather I can feel my skin acting up. It gets sensitive due to the cold and also really dry. It is not only my skin that gets dry, but also my lips. That’s why I am using lip balm all the time during this season. Even though Autumn might be my favourite season, I just don’t like how it affects my whole system.

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5 Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials | As the season changes, essentials change too. Autumn essentials can be anything from hat to scarf, click through to find out more about Autumn essentials.

We are almost in the middle of Autumn and days are getting colder each day and we are not so far away from Winter. Like every other season I have some essentials that I can’t go without in this season (I won’t even mention coats and boots as my Autumn essentials). 

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