Spring Revamp – Beauty Bits Everyone Needs

Spring Revamp – Beauty Bits Everyone Needs | Refreshing the skincare and makeup routine each season is good, revamping the routine according to what skin needs will make the skin healthier. Click through to check out all the tips.

Hello Spring! Hello new beginnings, longer days and blooming flowers. Winter has to be one of my least favourite seasons, it feels like except the fluffy snow there’s nothing to love about it. Finally days will get longer and hopefully it will get warmer too. Since spring can be associated with new beginnings, it is all about starting fresh, it is time to revamp the routine. Spring revamp can be fun, are you gonna be doing it too? What are your Spring essentials? 

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Let’s Talk Foundation

How to choose perfect foundation | Finding the perfect foundation is not all about having the right shade but also about the formula of the foundation. How do you choose your perfect foundation?

Have you ever thought how hard it is to pick a foundation nowadays? I mean think about like 10-15 years ago and now… Don’t you think that a lot has changed since then? There are so many brands and so many different products that promise so many things.. However, how do you decide which foundation to pick?

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