Simple Makeup

simple makeup | If you only have to wear two makeup products for rest of the time, which products would you chose? Which would be your best simple makeup product picks?

Think about a weekend where you are only allowed to use two makeup/beauty products for the entire weekend, day and night. How hard would it be to choose the best product for a simple makeup?

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Favourite Mascara

Seventeen Doll’d Up Mascara | Best drugstore mascara, favourite mascara

When it comes to picking mascara, I tend to check their brushes rather than the formula of it. What I believe is, when the brush is not good enough, applying mascara won’t be easy and you might not be satisfied with the result even though the formula might be really promising. Also I prefer plastic-silicone wands better than bristle wands. Somehow they seem to be better to separate my lashes more. It feels like I have more control on my eye lashes with silicone wands. In this post I will talk about my favourite mascara…

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