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Until a year or two, I was more into physical exfoliators than the chemical ones. Having a routine and not being too open to a change might be the main reason. Luckily I decided to leave my comfort zone and be more open to trying different things… Something like Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel…

Some of you might already know that Formula is M&S’s own brand, so it wasn’t a surprise to see some of its products in the M&S Advent Calendar. I don’t have much experience with Formula products. I use the cleanser, toner and apart from that Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream was in last’s year’s Advent Calendar. The price range of the products are usually in the more affordable range and most of the products sound promising.

Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel is a gentle alternative to the traditional scrubs. It has smooth gel texture until it contacts with the skin, then it gets grainy as it sweeps away the dead skin cells. This gel transforms the dirt and dead skin to jelly-like balls. I know it doesn’t sound too appealing, but the result it good! Even though I exfoliate and apply mask regularly, seeing the pieces of dead skin made me question my skincare routine.

How do I use it? I always apply it to the clean and dry skin. You don’t need a big amount due to the gel formula. As it is massaged on to the skin, you feel the texture changing and it gets grainy. Once all the dead skin is lifted, just wash it with the warm water and carry on with your skincare routine. After the peel, I apply a generous amount of moisturiser/serum to keep the glow and also protect my skin from the harsh weather conditions.

How often do I use it? There’s no recommended time to use it, so I use it whenever my skin looks dull and needs a little bit of lift. I mostly use it in the mornings when my skin doesn’t look at its best.

After the use, skin feels smoother and refreshed. Also, I love the radiant look. It made its ways into my morning skincare routine. This ultra-mild peel is also suitable for sensitive skin. Even though the website says it is tingle-free peel, I think it would give the tingly feeling to the sensitive skins. It is not unbearable and it doesn’t feel too bad. It has sweet smell which fades away once you start massaging the gel on to the skin.

Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel is £17.50 for 50 ml. 15 ml Formula Innovate Radiance Reveal Peel will give you up to 10 usages, which is enough to decide whether you like the product or not. What do I think about it? I think it is affordable and good. When I finish this one, I will probably purchase it. It really comes handy in the mornings when my skin looks dull and I don’t have much time to have a proper mask routine.

Have you tried any Formula products? What are your thoughts about the peels?

I don’t like spending too much on nail polishes. You can find many good nail polishes under £10 price range and some of them will probably be way better than the high-end ones. Nails Inc One Coat Gel Nail Polish is one of those nail polishes that is on the more expensive range with many promises. All I could say is don’t fall for the promises! Continue Reading

If you have long eyelashes, good for you! Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have natural full looking eyelashes and finding a mascara which would give the full look might not be the easiest. How about using a bit of black magic? Do you think that would help to give those full lashes? Can Eyeko Black Magic Mascara be the one to give the beautiful lashes without using any magic but the power of beauty products?

The first Eyeko product I tried which was Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner which came with the last year’s M&S Advent Calendar. My first impression of the brand wasn’t bad and now the second product to try is Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. This travel size mascara doesn’t come in a traditional plastic mascara packaging, instead, it comes in a silver squeezable tube which probably will come handy when you want to finish the product to the very end.

There are so many mascaras in the market… Some to add volume, some to lengthen or some to curl, however, can a single product do all those? Maybe finding some magical mascara can end up being one of your best mascara. Can Eyeko Black Magic Mascara actually be the one to tick all the boxes?

Let’s get to the claims of the mascara… It claims to transform your lashes to create drama, volume and curl with an extreme black finish for a full-bodied lash fringe. Quite promising, isn’t it?

The formula of the mascara is just right, not too wet or too dry. It gives clumpy-free finish and it doesn’t flake. Some mascaras can smudge during the day, luckily this one won’t smudge and give you panda eyes! I wear it a whole day and my lashes still look as good as when I first apply the mascara. It adds volume and if you’re patient enough, you can achieve curls as well so when you’re in hurry, you could always skip the eyelash curler. It is buildable, just make sure you don’t let the first coat to dry fully, otherwise, it might be hard to get even coats. Mascara contains keratin and shea butter for long-term lash care.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara will give you clump-free volumised lashes which won't smudge even after many hours. M&S Advent Calendar. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Review

The curvaceous helix brush is designed for full lash contact(lifts lashes for a 90-degree curl) and give clump-free finish. My first attempt with the curved brush was terrible… I ended up poking my eye but hey all is fine now! If you are not used to the curved brushes, it might take a few attempts to get the perfect result. But hey… it’s all worth the extra effort! The curved brush gives good coverage to all the lashes.

Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely! If you are looking for a high-end mascara which is long lasting and volumising, then go for it. Also, how cool is the packaging? If you end up getting it, it might be a permanent member of your bag! Eyeko Black Magic Mascara 4 ml travel size is £10 and you can get the full size(8 ml) for £19.

Have you tried any Eyeko products before? What’s your holy grail mascara you?

I wish there was a product that you put on your face at night and wake up looking 5-10 years younger… Wouldn’t you want that? Beauty/skincare companies keep bringing up so many innovative products, but let’s be honest, none of them will stop the ageing. I’m a pro-prevention rather than cure so let’s start preventing all those nasty fine lines. Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial is a new addition to my skincare routine… It is one product that I am not too sure about! Continue Reading