First Impression | Maybelline…

I’ve always been a big fan of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and always kept going back to it. Also, I prefer it over to most … Continue Reading

If you have oily skin, you possibly know the struggle of keeping your makeup looking shine free. Even though there are some setting sprays which aims to give long lasting shine-free finish, it is not always the case. When I saw a snapshot of MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Matte on Instagram, I knew that I had to try it. I’ve been using MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ for years, which is more for dehydrated/dry skin to get dewy finish. Dewy look is not exactly what you might want when you have oily skin but knowing that MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ actually delivers, I had high hopes with MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Matte. Continue Reading

When it comes to Summer, all I could think is fresh and floral scents. You don’t want to wear aromatic heavy scents when it is boiling outside, do you? A light spritz of floral Autograph Sheer Radiance might be all you need instead… Continue Reading

According to my hubby, all of these sprays are “just water” without any benefits. I tried to explain that even though “Aqua” is the first ingredient, it doesn’t mean they are just “water”. In the end, I just gave up. Well, there are some things that some men won’t understand and I believe beauty is one of those things. If you also think that all those sprays are just water, then you might want to skip this post because it is all about Pixi Mists and how they improve the skin! Continue Reading