Harvey Nichols Christmas Hampers…

Since Halloween and Bonfire Night are over so can we say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Everywhere you go! Christmas lights are … Continue Reading

When I was a kid, I loved the smell of the rose water (we always had some at home, thanks to mum). Later on, I ended up disliking the rose scented skincare products and now I’m into it again. It happens to me all the time, how about you? The reason I’m into the rose scented products is The Body Shop British Rose Petal Soft Gel Toner, even the look of it is so pretty! Continue Reading

I have a confession to make, I am a mascara hoarder. Whenever there’s something interesting and promising, I get the urge to buy it. Then I end up having way more than I need. It is not like having too many lipsticks (well there’s no such thing anyway, you can never have too many). With mascaras, it is not easy to see the difference, unless it is something revolutionary and out of this world! In my mascara roundup, I’ll talk about the hyped mascaras as well as the old beloved ones… Continue Reading

Have you ever written a post and forget to schedule it? Well, lately I keep forgetting to do the simple things and scheduling this post was definitely one of them. I got the Beautiful Escape Edition at the beginning of August and I know it is already too late to talk about it, but hey I already had the post written and the photos taken so it would be such a waste of effort if I didn’t publish it… Continue Reading