Have you ever thought when are the best times to post on social media? Is it in the morning, afternoon or evening? This is one of the questions that everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some say early morning is the best, on the other hand, others say the midday. When everyone tells you something else, how easy could it be to find out the best times to post on social media? 

If you have  thousands of followers from all around the world on social media, then it doesn’t really matter when you post on social media. Your posts will always get the attention you are looking for, however, not everyone is that lucky, right? If that’s the case then there are a few things you should consider before hitting the publish button.

Most of the posts I read tell estimated times, but the problem is they give EST (Eastern Standard Time). EST is perfect for the people living in the USA but what about the people in Europe or rest of the world? For instance, one says 12pm is the best time for Twitter CTR, and other says 1-3 pm is the peak for Twitter. Also, people have different opinions about the best days to post your content, like is it Monday or Wednesday? I tried most of them and the result is, what works for others will probably not work for you.

Knowing your followers will give you an estimated time to post. If most of your followers are from Europe then you don’t want to post in EST time, this won’t give you the highest reach. Also, think when do you usually check the social media? If you are at home all the time, timing is not a problem, however, not everyone can check the social media all the time. So, this is the another factor to consider.

In order to reach the biggest audience on social media and create a big impact, it is important to know which platform to post and when to post it. There are things like early Mondays the last thing you want to do is dive into the work straight away, so a little time on social media is ok. When you are thinking about the end of the work day on Friday, how can you focus on social media? Little things like that make a big difference, but the best thing you can do is experimenting to find the best times to post on social media.

What are the best times to post on social media?


This is one of the busiest platforms and thousands of tweets are flying around every second. When you post something, you want it to be seen by others, not just disappear and don’t get any impression. Day wise, Mondays are great for getting noticed. As I said earlier, people spend some time on social media before starting the new week. Best times to post? Put yourself in other’s shoes. If you are travelling to work or school, you have time to check your Twitter, also lunch time or travelling back to home. In the mornings, posting around 8:30-9:30 am will get your Tweets noticed. Also in the afternoon, around 12:15-12:30 pm is way better than 12:00 pm as then so many people want to post something since they’re on a break. Also in the evening around 6-7 pm will make your Tweets stay around longer and it will give you more impression. You shouldn’t use the same time at the weekend, though, not many people leave the best at 8 am in the morning, instead post something around 10:30-11 am on the weekends.


Fortune companies post on Instagram around 3-4 pm, would it be the right time for you? Give it a try and find out, again when they have thousands of followers, timing isn’t an issue anyway. Instagram times are almost similar to Twitter, the good thing is your can use many hashtags to improve your traffic. Weekday mornings around 8:30-10 am is good timing, however in the evening the numbers starts dropping down. Also in the evening around 7-8 pm makes your photos stay around longer. With the new Instagram algorithm, it is hard to estimate how many of your followers will see your post straight away. Good thing is at least it will be on top of the hashtag when you post it. At the weekends, people spend more time on Instagram, so posting something around 11-12 pm is ideal. Weekend evenings and Sundays, the numbers start decreasing as people start getting ready for the new week.


How often do you check your Facebook? When there are other social medias to check out, Facebook is the least visited one nowadays. Most of the people check Facebook, either in the morning or in the evening. Best time to post on Facebook would be around these times. When people are on the go, they either listen to music or check other things like Twitter or Snapchat, so posting your content around 8 am will make it reach to more people, rather than posting it at 12 pm. Also when you’re done with everything in the evening, you have some time for Facebook. Then you can publish your content around 8 pm since many will be checking their social media in the evening.

Google +

G+ can be a good traffic driver when you post your content on the right day and right time. When you post on communities, depending on the time, your content might stay on the top for a long time. It is best not to post at the peak times. Luckily, G+ is not as busy as the other social medias and it is not one of the first things people check in the mornings. In my experience, 1-3 pm are the perfect time zone to post your content and drive traffic to your post. Also, weekdays are better than weekends, so it is best to post more during the week and less during the weekend.

How often should you post on social media?

Sharing your blog content on social media is good for promoting your blog and driving traffic to your website, however, how often should you post on social media? You have to find the right compromise for sharing your content and still not bothering your followers. You don’t want your social media to be just a platform for promoting yourself but nothing more.

If you are promoting your content on Twitter, posting 3 times a day is the best. This is also suggested by many platforms. Don’t post your content every 5-10 minutes, it will just be duplicated content. For Instagram, you can share as many as photos you want, however, if you post more than 1 don’t post it one after the another, leave some space between your posts. Once a day in Facebook and one post per a community in G+ are the best way to promote your content.

If you can’t handle all the stress, you should use platforms to schedule your content for the best times to post on social media. From your experience, what are the best times to post on social media? Which social medias do you use more often? Do you think social media is a good source for directing traffic?


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  • Aw very informative and helpful! thanks for sharing these tips!

  • These are good tips – different social media needs different times to post to get seen by your followers the most 🙂 I try to spread my posts out through the day as with all the facebook algorithms people are unlikely to be shown everything I post anyway, haha! I am part of a network that has a tool to analyse the best times for posting on each social media for your audience but I haven’t looked at it in a while once the novelty factor wore off hehe.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Seriously timing on social media is crucial and it changes from time to time then you have to start all over again!

  • Great post Ela and great tips thank you. Gemma x

  • This post is really helpful! I try not to get too wrapped up with numbers, however sometimes when you’re sharing something you’re proud of, it is a bit disheartening when it doesn’t get as much engagement as you would have wished for! I will be taking your tips on board!


    • I can totally understand you and it happened a lot to me. You know that the post you are sharing is worth the read and it is a really good one, however, the traffic you get tells the opposite. I know we shouldn’t let the numbers affect us, but it is not easy.

  • This was an interesting read Ela, I do tend to post at the same time but recently changed my blog post timing so will see how that works out for me! I’m most consistent with Instagram but I need to get a bit better at remembering about Twitter!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • I am trying to be consistent with Instagram and trying to share daily, however, sometimes I tend to skip it, I should work on it!

  • Erin Russell

    I loved this, I try to use the same kind of times, I have found with my post links my most popular time is 8-10pm, morning for quick reads and info. I loved the information all together though 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • It is tricky to find the best time to share, it always changes 🙂

  • Beauty Journal

    This was a very helpful post Ela. I recently changed my timing and let’s see how that works for me. One thing I should definitely start doing is scheduling. I love how you come up with blog related posts and they are very effective. Thanks for sharing !

    • I hope it is working out for you, finding the right time cam be crucial!

  • Roberta Romeo

    Darling this is one of the most helpful and interesting post ever!!! Thanks a lot!!
    I will try to post during these hours!

  • These are super helpful thank you for sharing these

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    For me, I have no idea when is best to post, it’s usually afternoons though I think! Thank you for coming up with this though!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • It is really hard to find the best times to post, as it changes depending on the season.

  • This is such a great post Ela! I love how much detail you give about the best time for different platforms. I don’t use social media for blog promoting, in fact I don’t use social media at all except for Instagram which I love. I have tried twitter and can’t get used to it, maybe I’m an old lady at heart haha. But this was really interesting to read anyways, you’ve done a great job researching 🙂

    Julia x

    • Twitter is a different story… I am still trying to learn it and trying to catch up with the tweets is not easy so I don’t think I am doing good there 🙂 x

  • This is such a great post, Ela and a very helpful one for me too! I need to sit down this weekend a adjust my Twitter posting time. I’m good with IG as I usually (key word: usually) post in the morning but I do slip up every now and then. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I try to post early morning (9-9:45) on Instagram, which I think gives better result than posting during the day.

  • these are some really helpful tips, will definitely try it the suggested times! thanks so much for sharing, amazing post!

    xx Melis

  • This is a really interesting and helpful post, Ela! I find it social media timing fascinating so I loved this!

  • Great post!
    Much love,
    Hadasah | http://www.styletolove.com

  • Ellie Adams

    I love these posts and always find them so interesting. The only platform I ever think about in terms of times is Instagram but I would totally agree with those times. Such a fab post!


  • This is so interesting, Ela – I tend to go for early morning and early evening but good to know that people look at social media at lunchtime too

  • This is so handy Ela! I can sometimes struggle to figure out the best times for social media, but I do try and keep to times when most people will be on it. Sometimes it is difficult because of time differences too!



    http://anjelique.com.au | snapchat: anjeliquetv

    • It is really hard to find the best times on social media, it changes all the time. It is all about trying to find the times that work for you:) x

  • It’s always tricky to find what’s best for us and our followers, I usually post on Twitter and Instagram at similar times every day as that’s when I normally sit down to check my social media and some days I can see it was a good timing, some days not 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Time changes depending on the season as well, so it is really hard to find the time that works all the time 🙂 x

  • I struggle so much with social media, to be honest. My problem is not really when to post, but what to post, especially since I don’t post on my blog every day. However, I still thought this post was very informative 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx


    • Social media is so tricky and I am sure so many people struggle with it… I know I do 🙂 x

  • YES to this post, thank you so much! I’m still trying to grasp the peak hours as everyone says differently! And sometimes the evenings works the best for me and other times nothing happens. I’ve also found that sometimes it can go minutes between a hit or not. If I for instance publish a picture and no one “finds it” for five minutes. I delete it, wait ten minutes or so and then I post it again and I can have 20 likes within the minute. So weird how it works, but lovely to have some guidelines to follow at least! Xx


    • It is really hard to find the perfect time to post. As you said even minutes can make a big difference. I found that posting in the mornings and evenings at the similar times make a difference. I am still trying to figure out the exact time tho x

  • This post is so helpful! I have trying to get more active on Twitter, so these tips couldn’t have come at a better time! 🙂

  • Ella, this is so good to know. I have so many social media accounts that I just post when I can. LOL It can be hard keeping up. The facts that you’ve presented make so much sense. It’s going to help me make better judgement as to when to post my content. Thank you.

    • When there are so many social media accounts, trying to focus on them all gets really hard.

  • So helpful! Thank you so much for sharing

  • Becky Hughff

    Thanks for this! I always wonder when the best Twitter times are!


  • I feel a lot more scheduled now I know I do the majority of this, makes me feel a bit better! I need to use Google + more though xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  • Thank you for a very thoughtful post. You provided great insights. Hope you have a great rest of your day!
    – Elise xo

  • I’m so bad at remembering when to post on social media and so bad at remembering to use a scheduling tool LOL! I honestly hate the new IG algorithm because I had my times all figured out as to when I get the most engagement, but my engagement has gone down by 50-60% because of the change. I miss having all my posts in reverse chronological.

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • I got all figured out before as well and now I have no idea what I am doing and how many of my followers can see my post, why would they do it…? x

  • Bernadette

    This was such a interesting post. I am pretty random with my posting stuff on social media, i am definitely going to take all this into account. I pre photograph most of my stuff so for instagram i am definitely going to try and follow these times.


    • I am trying to find a routine that works for me!

      • Bernadette

        I notice sometimes when I post on Instagram my photos get heaps of engagement really quickly but I keep forgetting to pay attention to the times I am posting.

  • Great post dear! Very informative! I have definitely found that evenings work best for me on Instagram. A lot of blogs recommend 1 pm, but honestly, 8-11 is always the best for me. And Sundays really are the worst. I hate posting on that day.

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    • Sundays are the worst, totally agree, so I don’t post much on Sundays. Trying to find the best time is kinda tricky, one time works for others might not work for you, then you need to find your own time by trying different times. x

  • Charlotte

    This is so useful, I always find that around 7 onwards for instagram is key as everyone is online after a long day!
    Charlotte // http://www.charlottespicks.com

    • It is either early morning or evening are good times!

  • I have read many posts on these times, but to be honest, I just post at the time that works best for me, which is in the mornings on Twitter, in the afternoon on Instagram and around Midday on Google+.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I read a lot and all of them tell something different, so it is just trying different times to find the ones that work out for you.

  • If you’ve asked me this question, I’ll say the same thing for Instagram. It just makes it so different if you post during these specific times!
    Nazlıgül | Join the Giveaway NOW!