Summer Scent | Autograph Sheer Radiance

When it comes to Summer, all I could think is fresh and floral scents. You don’t want to wear aromatic heavy scents when it is boiling outside, do you? A light spritz of floral Autograph Sheer Radiance might be all you need instead…

A Scent for Cosiness | Rosie For Autograph Rose Gold

Talking about perfumes is not the easiest. It is always easier to describe the colour of a lipstick than trying to explain the scent of a perfume. Scent depends on many things and one smell can vary on different skins. Skin condition, diet, body temperature… Many factors affect the way perfumes smell, so just make … Continue Reading

M&S Advent Calendar | Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Fragrance

I have quite a few perfumes in my perfume stash, however, it doesn’t stop me from getting new ones. I repurchase my staples and any new interesting ones are always on my radar. Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Fragrance is the new one to join to my stash.

Shay and Blue Atropa Belladonna Fragrance

Atropa Belladonna… Deadly nightshade… Have you ever heard deadly nightshade before? It is the star of the poison plants, a bit scary isn’t it? Atropa Belladonna plant is described as “The combination of its ability to kill with its use to beautify by dilating the pupils gives it a romantic attraction which is hard to … Continue Reading