Let’s Talk First Makeup Love

Do you remember when was the first time you got your first makeup product? I’m not talking about sneaking into your mum’s room and playing with her makeup products. I’m talking about your first ever product that you saved money to get? How did your first makeup love start?

25 Christmas blog post ideas

I know it will be a cliché to say but do you also agree that 2016 has passed so quickly? It feels like time flies and now we are only 31 days away from a brand new year. Whether you’re planning to participate Blogmas or you need some festive blog post ideas, you can find … Continue Reading

Bedside Beauty Essentials

Are you one of those people that complete all the beauty/skincare routine before going to bed? If you are not in that group, you might have some products on your bedside table, right? With those bedside beauty essentials, you can complete the last steps of your beauty routine.

How to Get Better Night Sleep

Do you struggle to sleep when the seasons changes? Is it either too much sleep or no sleep at all situation? Changing seasons and the temperature can have an effect on the sleeping routine, so it is important to make a few changes to get better night sleep. As soon as Autumn arrives, I start having … Continue Reading