Timeless Jewellery from Swarovski

Trends come and go, but some trends will never go out of style, like pearls, stud earrings and some minimalist pieces. Have you ever thought what makes the jewellery timeless? What I know is timeless jewellery pieces should be versatile. I could say Swarovski has some elegant jewellery, which can be timeless and classic. If … Continue Reading

6 Ways to Have a Relaxing Weekend

We all need a relaxing weekend once in a while. Don’t you think so? In order to free our heads, a weekend where only relaxing activities involved might be a good way of doing it. A relaxing weekend might sound crazy for some, but after a busy week this is the least you could do for … Continue Reading

New Year Goals for 2016

Why do people set New Year Resolutions every year and then mostly forget about them a week later? Is it really necessary to set up New Year Resolutions? Why can’t we just focus on New Year Goals instead of having plans like “New Year, new me” and put ourselves under so much pressure? Let’s make … Continue Reading

5 Autumn Essentials

We are almost in the middle of Autumn and days are getting colder each day and we are not so far away from Winter. Like every other season I have some essentials that I can’t go without in this season (I won’t even mention coats and boots as my Autumn essentials). Autumn Essentials Hat If you’re leaving … Continue Reading