Are you good at applying eyeliner? Can you get it really precise that both of the wings look identical? Even after countless applications, there might be times where you mess it up. Sometimes even a little kid can draw it better! There are so many eyeliners in the market from drugstore to high end! If you could find the exact dupe then would you change your favourite high end product? Which products would be on your drugstore vs high end eyeliner list? 

When you have oily skin, you know the real strugle of having a long lasting product. Most of the products fades even after an hour of wearing it and I am not even talking about the foundation problems. Companies should bring more products for oily skined people. Eye products and foundations are the main issues.

I think I’ve found my perfect eyeliner. I don’t know why I waited for so long to try Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner. I wanted to get the mini size to see what all the hype is all about and now I know. It simply does what it says on the packaging… Stay All day!

There’s one product that looks identical to Stila one. I’ve been using Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner for a long time. It’s not my favourite eyeliner, however, I love the easy and quick application. My favourite bit about this eyeliner is the thin felt tip liner.

These eyeliners look similar, but are they really the same. Let’s find out with the drugstore vs high end eyeliner comparison.

Drugstore vs High End Eyeliner: Maybelline vs Stila


Let’s start with the most important topic… Are they long lasting? When you pick a makeup product, it is probably one of the first questions that pops into your head. Stila is leading this one. If you have oily eyelids and complain about eyeliners not lasting, then Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner is what you need. It is really waterproof and it just doesn’t budge. Even after hours of wearing it(also at the gym), eyeliner still looks intense and pretty defined. If you make a mess when you apply it, you better be quick to fix it. Once it dries, it will be really hard to reverse it before messing up your makeup.

Whereas if you struggle with oily eyelids,  Maybelline might not give you what you want. At first it will look all neat, however, in time it will start fading and you will be able to smudge it easily. However it oily eyelids is not your thing and you are one of these lucky people then you should check out Maybelline eyeliner. I am sure on normal eyelids, it would be quite long lasting. It still performs good when it is colder, that’s the time I use it most of the time.


I love my eyeliner black and I don’t think I will ever get bored of it. Stila and Maybelline are identical in terms of pigmentation. Both of them are intensely black. If you like your eyeliner really black then you will love the colour payoff.

Drugstore vs High End Eyeliner

Felt tip liner

Both of these liners have similar felt tip liner, long and really fine pointy, maybe Maybelline’s one is a little bit longer than Stila. Stila one is a little bit round whereas Maybelline one is all straight. It doesn’t change the application. It is easy with both of the eyeliners. You can create really fine lines or you could go all in to create something dramatic. These type of brushes/liners are my favourite. You have the full control with it.


Even though I have the mini size, as you could see packaging wise they also have the similar design. Cap mechanism of Stila is different than Maybelline. When you put the cap on Stila one, it feels bouncy. In order to close the cap you have to push it to hear that click noise. At least this way you know it for sure that your eyeliner is closed properly.

I don’t know why I waited so long to try Stila. This is without exaggerating is the best eyeliner I’ve ever tried to far. It even leaves my beloved Soap&Glory Supercat eyeliner behind. I am not saying Maybelline one is bad, the only thing that puts me down is the longevity, it is the main issue for me in general. If you want to try a new eyeliner, but you are not sure what to get then I’d recommend Stila. You really won’t need to worry about your eyeliner smudging.

Have you tried these eyeliners? What is your favourite eyeliner? If you could pick one brand for the eyeliner, which one would it be? Can you think of eyeliners for drugstore vs high end eyeliner category?

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  • I had the Maybelline one before and I really liked it. I was quite happy with the longevity as well, however sometimes I found it on my eyelids after wearing over 10 hours but I have that issue with every eyeliner if I wear them for such long time.
    I love the Maybelline gel eyeliner too so I would actually pick Maybelline if I had to choose only one drugstore brand. 🙂

    • I have oily eye lids so I always struggle with the longevity of eyeliners. I still haven’t tried that gel eyeliner, it has been on my list for so long!

  • I have been forever loyal to the L´Oréal Superliner, I do try other eyeliners, but I have always one of them at hand. And yes, I do wear eyeliner almost everyday, so I go through them quite regularly.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I still haven’t tried that L’Oreal one, I keep forgetting to check it out when I am in the store.

  • I’ve used the Maybelline eyeliner and I absolutely loved it!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Wouldn’t mind trying out the Stila eyeliner – can you apply it to the waterline? I find the only eyeliner that will last on my waterline is the MAC liquid liner – everything else disappears after an hour or so.

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

    • I haven’t tried applying it to waterline, I don’t think it is suitable for that.

  • Great post! I love the Stila one too. Have your tried Kat Von D Tattoo liner? xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

    • I still haven’t tried anything from KVD, I should check Debenhams stores to see if they have KVD counter x

  • I agree, brands should do more products targeted at oily skins! They are such a pain, we need help haha. However I’ve never had any problems with the longevity of my eyeliner, it always stays put during the whole day, and I’ve only ever tried drugstore eyeliners. This Stila one does sound great though, and I’m glad you found one that works better with your skin 🙂

    Julia x

    • My eyelids get oily so quick that after a few hours you could see eyeliner fading, luckily with Stila I haven’t had that issue 🙂 x

  • Beauty Journal

    I have just used one felt tip liner an thats from BH comestics and I really dint like it. I have been hearing so many good stuffs about Stila Liner and I would probably get myself a mini one and try out 🙂

    • Stila one is really good, you should definitely check it out 🙂

  • I need to try the Stila eye liner, at the moment I’m using Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and it’s fantastic 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • I wear an eye liner for many years but recently stopped, no idea why though. I guess I just don’t have the time to fiddle around with it as I need to get my makeup done quick. I have long love Maybelline eye liners but I don’t have oily lids so I don’t need to invest in a good long lasting eye liner.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • When I am in hurry, trying to apply eyeliner is the hardest thing I do! Lucky you… For non oily eyelids, Maybelline one is pretty perfect, however, on my oily eyelids, it starts fading away after a few hours.

  • Katie

    I’ve wanted to try the Stila one for a long time, but I fortunately don’t have oily eyelids so I might go for the Maybelline one instead! Thanks for the recommendation x

    • If you don’t have oily eyelids, then Maybelline one would be perfect for you 🙂 x

  • These both sound great! Loved this post. Gemma x

  • Like I said on Instagram, the Stila one is my all-time favorite liquid liner. I’m on my second one, and the first one lasted me one and a half years, which I think is super impressive for an eyeliner pen!

    • That’s pretty impressive. I’ve been using the mini one for over one and half month now and it is still intensely black. I wonder how long it would last.

  • I haven’t tried any of these eyeliners before. Right now I’m using one by Bourjois but sadly it doesn’t last long due to my oily skin.

    • I know the struggle. I’d recommend Stila as it doesn’t smudge on my oily eyelids.

  • The Stila one is sooo good. I had a coupon back in June for $10 off at Ulta so I was able to snag it half off. I do feel a bit guilty using it as it isnt cruelty free, but the KVD one is just a bit too pricey with a shorter lifespan than I’d like. But if you can get your hands on the KVD one to try that would be a good comparison!

    Cindy |

    • Oh no, I didn’t know that Stila isn’t cruelty free 🙁 I want to try KVD one, since it is available in the UK now, I will get my hands on it to see which one is better.

  • I really struggle with eyeliner because if my eyeshapes but I think Loreal has a good one and I recently got the Kat von D tattoo Liner and it’s great too! Love the tips on these ones you’ve shown, the thinner the better for me!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Apparently L’Oreal superliner is really good, however, I haven’t tried it out yet. I want to try KVD liner, I heard nothing but good things about it.

  • i was never particular about the brand, as long as it does the job 🙂
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤️

  • Thanks for the review, need to buy this Stila eyeliner soon 🙂

    – Lily Kanaya

  • My eyelids are just slightly dry so both of these sound pretty good to me! I love my eyeliner black. Normally, I just go for any in my collection, I’m quite bad at applying it anyway so it doesn’t make a huge difference 🙂 At the moment, I’m using a liquid one by NYC, although when I have more time I prefer gel eyeliners as I can actually get a really thin line with them 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

    • If your eyelids aren’t oily then both of these would be pretty perfect for you. I love how precise you can get with Maybelline one, however, due to my oily eyelids, it doesn’t last as good as Stila one:( x

  • I have tried Stila and it is super awesome. Many beauty bloggers swear by it.

  • Caliope Couture

    I have exactly this Maybelline eyeliner and rather like it! The pigmentation is not as intense as my Lancôme Artliner but otherwise it’s great value for money.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Christina ♥

    • Pigmentation is not as intense as Stila as well, however for people with dry eyelids, it is great!

  • I’m 100% into the Stila one too! I do still like Supercat as a budget alternative but the Stila will always be #1 for me 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • Until I tried Stila, Supercat was my favourite too, however, now it is #2 🙂 Have you tried KVD one? x

      • Yeah I have though I do still prefer Stila, I might give it another go 🙂 xx

  • I’ve always been curious about the Stila liner so it’s good to hear it gets a thumbs up from you. At the moment I’m getting on quite well with the L’Oreal Superliner but would like to try something new x

    Beauty with charm

  • Good to know it’s worth investing a little extra to get a product with saying power! 🙂

    I’m terrible with eyeliner – I’m just no good with eye makeup in general, ha! I haven’t tried wearing it in such a long time, I just do mascara if I’m doing full makeup.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I am still not 100% good at it. There are times I get it perfect and other times it looks like a five years old tried to draw a straight line 🙂
      I hope you are having a great week 🙂 x

  • I have tried Maybelline one, I have to agree it does fade on the eyelid. Tempted to try Stilla one.

    Come visit us soon
    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  • Honestly, I rarely ever use eyeliner because I just cannot get that perfect wing. That being said, I have used the Stila one before when I do use eyeliners and I must say it’s pretty awesome! x

    Ann-Marie |

    • I am still struggling to get that perfect wing, hopefully practice makes perfect 🙂 x

  • I need to try out that Stila one! I struggle to create a flawless flick, so this sounds good x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Stila one is really good, I’d highly recommend it! x

  • Charlotte

    I do like the look of both of these liners, I myself have oily lids as well so that Stila one sounds the out right winner out of these that I need to try!
    Charlotte //

    • I’ve tried many eyeliners and non of them stayed as good as Stila does, I am really impressed!

  • First I love how you took the photos and I have that liner and is my favorite! good choice

  • Becky Hughff

    Ooooh I’ll definitely heat to try Stila after this review! I love a good eyeliner and currently use Super cat from Soap and Glory so interested to see this in comparison!

    • Supercat was my favourite until I tried Stila, now Stila one is the new favourite 🙂

  • That Stila eye liner is life! It’s my all-time favorite and probably one eye liner that I reach for most often. In love with your photography Ela!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • It is definitely the best eye liner I’ve ever used! Thank you so much, Paula 🙂

  • Ms Tantrum

    Great post. I really want to try Stila eye liner. I have KVD tattoo liner at the moment.
    Ash |

  • I used stilla in the past and quite like it x

  • Lauren Letizio

    I love Stila products! That is good to know it is long lasting. Almost every time I wear eyeliner it ends up on my eyelid! Maybe this one would stay put..

    Blame it on Barneys

    • I have the same problem with almost all the eyeliners, however, this Stila one is great, I would highly recommend it! x

  • I’ve been in love with the Supercat eyeliner for so long but you’ve made me want to swap it out for the Stila one! x

    • I still love supercat, however, after trying Stila it went down to #2 🙂 x

  • Nadia

    I haven’t tried these two but I have had amazing luck when it comes to drugstore eyeliners! 🙂 One of my ultimate faves IS a drugstore one, and boy, does it last! I’m super happy with it. Stila is a lovely brand. I think the first time I’ve heard about it was at least 7 years ago.
    Great comparison and I am definitely very tempted to give this Stila eyeliner a go (I love eyeliners!!!) 🙂
    xox Nadia

    • I have oily lids so I don’t have much luck with eyeliners, Stila is really good for people with oily eyelids 🙂 x

  • Eyeliner is something that I’ve really fell out of love with! Most of the ones I purchased would dry out so quick and they was never matte in texture – always shiny! But all of these eyeliners you’ve recommended sounds like something I should try. I don’t really have a problem with eyeliner not lasting on my eyes. So I think I’ll try the Maybelline or Soap and Glory alternatives first. As I definitely want to get back into wearing it in the Autumn/Winter months. Thank you for your recommendations Ela and beautiful photography as always!xx – My Autumn Blush Bag – Covent Garden Chaos | VLOG

    • Soap&Glory one is now my second favourite, it is really good! I love the felt tip liner of Maybelline, the only problem I had with it is the longevity. If you don’t have oily lids, then it would be perfect for you 🙂
      Thank you so much, lovely! xx

  • Erin Russell

    damn this makes me really want to try out the Stila ones!!! Argh!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • Stila one is great, it is actually the only eyeliner that lasts for hours without smudging or fading!

  • Hayley Rubery

    I’ve tried the Maybelline liner and really love it, a high end favourite of mine has to be the Kat Von D tattoo liner, although Clinique also do a really great one too! I’ve never tried the Stila one but will have to give that a whirl!

    Hayley xo

    • I want to try KVD one, but before I want to finish the ones I have. Stila one is amazing, it is really long lasting and pigmented! x

  • One of the best eyeliner ive used is the Catrice waterproof one and its only about €4! Tried the Stila but not overly impressed.

    • I haven’t tried anything from Catrice, I should check that eyeliner!

  • Oooh sounds like I need to try the Stila liner! I haven’t used any Stila products yet. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    Sincerely, Sarah xx