Don’t you like to go for stronger scents for a/w? Autumn scents are all about crispy edgy notes for me. I want something that would be so comforting, but would smell warm and festive. I like changing my perfume depending on the season. In Spring and Summer I go for floral, fresh scents, however, in Autumn and Winter, woody oriental scents are what I love the most and Hugo Boss Orange is one of them…

Hugo Boss Orange came out years ago and it is still one of the scents I use during colder months. This perfume has oriental woody scent, it is just easy to wear and it suitable for day or evening. When I wear it, I can smell the sweet spicy notes straight away. It is not like candy sweet, but really warm and citrusy. I also like the mix of apple and vanilla scents and this one is really good in terms of that. Some say it is not long lasting, but I think it lasts for a reasonable time. I mostly wear it in a/w, so a few sprays would last for hours (in summer it doesn’t last as long as it does in winter like most of the other perfumes). I also adore the packaging, it is catchy and it looks so elegant. If you’d like to read about perfumes I use, please have a look at my post Perfumes.

Do you change your perfume depending on the season? Which perfume are you loving at the moment?

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  • Sounds like the smell of fall, Ela! Sweet fragrances are my guilty pleasure. Need to test it! Thank you for introducing this fall scent to us, beauty!

    xoxo Ira

  • I love sweet fragrances, they are my favorites for all the seasons!

    This Hugo Boss Orange seems great, beautiful packaging.


    • I am more into sweet scents this time of year 🙂 xox

  • I love the bottle. I don’t change my perfume every season but I definitely do go through phases where I like to wear different ones. I do like the idea of trying something woody for winter but is the smell over overpowering?

    Beth x

    • It is not overpowering, once the perfume settles it gives such soft woody scent. This kind of scents last longer on me during colder months. x

  • Rajwant Kaur Singh

    I’ve never tried any of the Hugo Boss scents, but this sounds ideal for the cooler months
    I love wearing heavier/musky tones in autumn/winter… so comforting

  • I love this one!!

  • Oh wow, this perfume sounds like an absolute delight! I love woody fragrances and scents that are extremely versatile for all-day wear!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    • Then you’d really like this one. I like how delightful it is.

  • this sounds amazing i want it asap haha 🙂
    Xx Sofia

  • This perfume sounds perfect for the autumn <3 <3 <3 Keeping my eye out for it next time I go shopping!
    She Will Be

  • Lauryn Lasko

    I definitely change my perfume depending on the season! I just wrote about how my husband and I met. I would love if you came read about it! Are You The One? 6 Dating Tips!

  • Lauryn Lasko

    I definitely change my perfume depending on the season! I just wrote about how my husband and I met. I would love if you came read about it!

  • I am so bad and never wear perfume! they sound like fun!

    • I went through a phase where I hardly wore any perfume but now I can’t do without them 🙂

  • the packaging got me at first sight too. i never gave it a try though, maybe i should, thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing, I wanna buy a new perfume, but didn’t know which one to go for. Gonna try this one!

    xo, Esther

  • For some reason, I like perfume on other people (provided the scent is one I like), but it bothers me on myself. I don’t really wear it anymore… :-/

    • I like how my perfumes smell on others but I can’t smell them on me, I don’t know why it happens. I guess the chemicals reacts different on different skins, I read something like that before.

  • I totally change my perfume with the seasons! For Winter/ Autumn I love something really warm and spicy and then in Summer I prefer something light and girly! Haha My nose changes with the seasons!



    • I am the same. warm&spicy for a/w and light/fresh for summer, I can’t handle strong smells in summer xx

  • I’ve always wanted to change my scents but never know what to wear when. This sounds like the perfect suggestion! Can’t wait to try it.
    xx, Pia

    • Warm&woody is what I go for in a/w, there are really nice scents. I hope you like this one as much as I do 🙂 xx

  • The packaging of this perfume is gorgeous! I’ve never tried this before, I’ll have to give it a sniff when I’m next at a perfume counter! xo

    Troves and Roses

    • Packaging is absolutely beautiful, that’s what took my attention before I got it 🙂 x

  • I never tried this perfume before I love oriental scents.

  • This is not one I’ve tried but it does sound lovely 🙂 I do love a good woody scent in A/W xx

    Brenda BusyBee | Win a Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

    • Woody scents are perfect for A/W, I love them 🙂 xx

  • Zee

    Sounds amazing!!

  • This sounds like such a wonderful fragrance and certainly something I would use in Autumn 🙂 I used to have a Summer and Winter perfume when I lived in the UK, now I live in tropical Australia, there’s no seasons so I just have a casual and dressy perfume

    Rachel xx

  • Marlene Lopes

    Sounds so good 🙂

    Kisses, Mary

  • I do the same with perfumes, fresh floral scents when it`s hot and strong, almost masculine one in the A/W season. This sounds so good, might suggest it to my husband as a Christmas gift.:)

    • Strong scents are perfect for A/W, they last for long. Give this one a sniff, you might like it 🙂 x

  • I think this scent would be a bit too strong for me but I’d like to try it! I am still obsessed with Chanel N°5’s Eau de Première. There’s a few perfumes I have in mind after I finish up the current bottle I’m using.

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

    • This is a perfume which I haven’t own before, it is such a classy scent!

  • Roberta Romeo

    I love this fragrance, so stunning and the packaging is like a jewel! *-*

  • Sneha Rane

    Wow! I love these kind of woody fragrances! Will surely try this one! Nice review, Ella! 🙂

  • This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!


  • Shwetali

    Sounds Amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Yep, definitely change my perfume accruing to season and right now I am wearing lots of Angel by Theirry Mugler, hands down one of my top favourite perfumes. However the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying Demeter colognes too, it’s been an interesting experience of layering them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I LOVED wearing Angel for years, it is definitely a perfect perfume for this time of year. Thanks for reminding me that perfume, I will need to check it again 🙂

  • Erin Russell

    I haven’t found a scent for A/W I like yet, so am still rocking my summer scent lol, will need to have a look at this though, it sounds beautiful 🙂

    • I can’t smell my summer scents when it is kinda cold, I need something strong 🙂

  • I can see now why you go for a woody scent in Autumn, it sounds amazing! I don’t really tend to change my perfume up that much, but I should perhaps give it a go 🙂

    Velvet Blush

    • I change my perfumes most of the times, I always go for strong scents in A/W and I love it 🙂

  • I love the way you have photographed the leaf reflecting in the glass of the perfume – I tend to stick to the same perfume throughout the year

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • Amy

    This scent sounds like it’s right up my alley. I love oriental woody fragrances in the fall and winter. Currently I’m loving Body by Victoria. One of the notes is crushed leaves and it is perfect for transitioning into fall.

    Amy | Dervish Darling

    • That sounds like a really beautiful scent, I haven’t tried it before. I will make sure to check it out, I will probably like it 🙂

  • Yara & Jude

    Loving the colors of your picture! Thank you for the comment on our blog, would you like to follow each other 🙂 we just followed you on Bloglovin’ and google+

    Stay gold,

  • Would love to try this scent! Beautiful photos too! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Danielle

    Your photos are always so pretty! You are very creative! I use the same perfumes all year long. Have a nice weekend!


  • I have sniffed it once..loved it..has always been on my wishlist, but somehow never came around buying reminded, will check it out again soon!

  • Samileen

    OMG your picture <3 <3 And I will buy that perfume just for the bottle itself. Definitely giving this one a sniff the next time I'm around Hugo boss counter

    Sam || Beautydetour

    • Bottle is gorgeous <3 Check it out, it smells divine! <3 xx

  • that sounds amazing! I love your blanket too!


  • I definitely like wearing deeper notes during the fall and winter season. This one sounds really nice!

    • Deeper notes are perfect for A/W, this is one of them!

  • i can just imagine the smell. <3 im excited to drop by their counter and sample this 🙂


  • I actually don’t change perfumes depending on the season because I’m trying to use up all my old ones still lol. I do like the idea of doing that though! I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing!

    • Using old ones to open a space for new ones 🙂 When it is cold, I think strong ones last longer.

  • Great gift idea for Christmas,xoxo BING.

  • Sounds lovely. I love Venus by Versace and my all time favourite is the original Chloe.

  • I absolutely change my parfume depending on the seasons! It just makes me look and feel put together, haha.

    • Stronger scents are great for this time of year, I like they last longer too 🙂

  • Sounds great! Nice post!

    Have a great weekend!

    kiss Adela Acanski

  • The Sunday Mode

    I usually stick to Jo Malone perfumes lately but this scent sounds lovely, I adore those spicy/citrus scents.

  • I need to give this a sniff asap, it sounds divine! I love Gucci guilty in A/W and I’ve recently bought Burberry – My burberry which i absolutely love! x

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • If you love GG and you might also like this one. I have both of them and I love them all 🙂 My burbery smells great, I have it on my list! xx

  • Kelly M

    I was just thinking this morning how I needed to get a new scent. And then I come to your blog, must be fate 😉 I will have to continue to look around. Not sure about Hugo Boss. Did you know that he designed the Nazi uniforms? In knowing that fact I have a hard time purchasing him.


  • Personally, I use the same perfume year-round. I just love it so much, although it’s been discontinued so I have to hunt for a new one 🙁
    This one looks like it was made for Autumn/Winter! So beautiful 🙂
    I’ll have to give it a sniff next time I see it!

    • I hate it when my favourite products are discontinued and I can’t find anything similar to them. I hope you will find new one that you will love xx

  • Hugo Boss Orange is on the story of perfumes!!! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  • Irene

    love the scent! beutiful post

  • Diane

    I’ve never tried the Hugo Boss Orange, but it sounds like the perfect scent for the A/W!


  • I had this fragrance a few years ago and I really liked it x

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Great review, and this is a lovely scent. 🙂 Have you tried the Sunset edition? It’s a little more orange-y, and I absolutely love it!


    • I haven’t tried it, I will make sure to check it out 🙂 xx

  • Great product!!!I follow you on instagram i hope you follow me too!!kiss

  • This scent sounds amazing, woody scents are always some of my favorites. I’ve never had a citrusy perfume before so I’ll have to try this out.

    • This is the first citrusy woody scent I own, it smells divine!

  • Kiki Rampone

    This looks awesome! I love the idea of citrusy scents for autumn and winter, and the packaging is just gorgeous! Great post!

    xo Kiki

  • Sounds gorgeous – I love anything orange! At the moment I’m wearing Clinique Aromatics in Black but I always return to my beloved Chanel No.5!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • Chanel No.5 is amazing, I keep checking it all the time but I haven’t got it yet.

  • I love this scent so much!

    The Rococo Style

  • No, I actually just wear perfumes that I like and stick with it.

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

    • I used to do that too, I had one favourite perfume which I wore all the time 🙂

  • I’m currently wearing this. Its perfect for work.

    Jenn |

  • Creme Rose

    Never tried any Hugo boss perfumes but I’ll be checking this one out! Sounds fantastic 🙂

    Great post Ela!
    x Arwa |

    • It smells really good Arwa, you should definitely check it out 🙂 xx

  • I do change slightly during seasons. Summer always calls for freshness. I can not handle a single note of florals when it’s warm. Winter I don’t mind florals as much and I still do reach for crisper scents, but not as regularly.


    • I can’t handle so sweet notes in the summer, they just make me dizzy that’s why I like to wear these scents during colder months 🙂 x

  • This packaging on this looks so lovely and I love that background (just love anything plaid). I don’t wear any scent, but that’s something I’ve always wanted to explore some more!

    xoxo Emily

    • I love anything plaid too, they look so good don’t they? 🙂 I really like this perfume, it is perfect for this time of year. xx

  • Yes, I do like to switch my perfume when the season changes too. I agree with you, a/w is better with a richer, warmer note, less of that airy and fresh like spring and summer. I haven’t found one I like yet. This one seems nice, I might get a sample and try it out! <3

    With Love Lily Rose || FREE $250 shopping spree Giveaway

    • I keep trying out new perfumes all the time and if I find one that I like, I keep repurchasing it 🙂

  • Love the look of this post. I al all for woody and warm scents in the autumn and winter. That scarf looks so cozy too. Gemma xx

  • Diana Horsfall

    i never ever tried to buy hugo boss but heard that smells good

  • Honeypot Blogs

    I used to be obsessed with this fragrance a few years ago and every time I smell it, it takes me back! I agree with you, I like to change up my scents depending on the season!!xx

  • I never used this! But really want to smell it now!

    X Nora /

  • Lauren Letizio

    totally agree- to me it makes so much sense to change your scent depending on the weather, some think its crazy but hey it works for me! I will have to try this one out, I do tend to like something a little warmer during these months!

    • Woody scents are perfect for colder seasons, I just can’t handle them in summer.

  • Seeing this post has made me want to go and buy this again, it reminds me of summer so much – such a gorgeous scent!

    Layla xx

  • Nadia

    My all time fave (and my signature scent) is Miss Dior <3
    I love perfume reviews, and this one sounds great!!! I would love to give it a sniff sniff 😉
    Love trying out new scents, esp in fall & winter.
    xox Nadia

    • Miss Dior smells lovely, you have a good taste 🙂 xx

  • It’s so nice to have a seasonal scent! I would think the orange would turn me off, but I like that it mixes apple and vanilla to balance it out.

    xx Yasmin

    • You don’t really smell orange tho, it is just mix of everything and it is really perfect for this time of year. xx

  • Great scent and lovely bottle x

  • Little Miss Fashion Queen

    Need to give this scent a go!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • I have heard some great things about this fragrance. I definitely want to try it.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • I have been gifted this perfum from a friend and couple of days ago I was going through ny perfume collection and this was one of them remembering how much I use to enjoy wearing this. I need to remember to wear it more. x

    • It smells really good, doesn’t it? I just like the warm feeling it gives after wearing it 🙂 xx

  • Reading this post while sat opposite a perfume shop… i know where i’ll be heading in a second!

  • I am just like you, summer/spring is for fresh scents ONLY and a/w will be stronger woody fragrances. My mum loves this Huge Boss perfume, I might need to grab one for myself xx

    • I can’t handle strong woody scents in summer, they just make me feel dizzy however in a/w, they are just perfect scents to go for xx

  • I love how you photographed the perfume: it looks lovely with those fall colours and the cozy scarf. It looks like the perfect perfume for fall!

    Bold Bliss