Don’t you wish that there are affordable and effective clay masks in the market? L’Oreal Paris came up with Pure Clay Masks, which claim to transform the skin and give you the brighter and softer skin you are looking for. So far everything sounds good, doesn’t it? Affordable and effective clay masks…

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks’s main clay elements are koalin, montmorillonite and ghassoul. Koalin is for absorbing the impurities and excess sebum. Montmorillonite is for eliminating imperfections and ghassoul is for clarifying the complexion. I used a cleansing oil with ghassoul in it and all I can say is, it is a really effective clay and it makes the skin looks brighter and clearer. After all, these masks sounds interesting, don’t they? They are reasonably priced and these claims would make you want to try it. However, do L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay masks live up to its claims?

These masks come in glass jars and you have to dip in your fingers to get the masks or if you have some little spoon to get the mask out, it will be more hygienic. I wish they has included something like that. With one jar, you can get around 10 applications, maybe slightly more than that. Let’s start talking about what’s inside these little jars…

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask

In addition to the main clays, this detox mask is combined with charcoal, it’s used for drawing out the impurities and clarifying the skin. Texture wise, it is thicker than the others (also the messiest). Detox mask dries rapidly, straight away after the application. So make sure to be quick when you apply! Within a minute of applying it, the skin feels so tight that it gets so hard to talk. Skin will have slightly tingly feeling and a little bit of heat. I have oily/combination skin and this mask is a match for normal skin(L’Oreal says). After cleaning the skin, my skin felt so tight, uncomfortably tight. I had to apply the moisturiser straight away and in the end I ended up having dry flakes, so I don’t know how it would act on normal skin. If you have dry skin, stay away from it. I have visible pores and this mask got messy when I was cleaning my face. It got into the pores and I had to scrub these areas to get rid of these black bits, it never happened before! Well my skin looked clearer, however I am not really fan of this mask!

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask

This mask is combined with red algae extract, known for its brightening properties and beads for exfoliating. Like other two masks, this mask doesn’t dry completely. I waited over 20 minutes to see if it would dry to matte and it didn’t. However, it still felt slightly matte and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the skin. It has beads to exfoliate and after cleaning this mask, it gives healthy glow and softer skin. This mask has to be my favourite. This perfect is for dull looking skin, in the end anything with the scrubbing properties will make the skin look brighter, right?

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask

Purity mask has eucalyptus extract which is known for its purifying properties and this mask is for oily skin. Like detox one, this mask dries quickly too and once it is dry, you’re left with tight and light minty colour looking skin. Does it really absorb the excessive oil? Well after waiting around 10 minutes, the mask around my T-zone, cheeks and chin got almost transparent, whereas rest was still looking the same. I believe these bits are where my skin is most oily. Since it dries out quickly, it takes awhile to clean the whole face. After the first application, skin looks mattified and pores look slightly smaller (its temporary). The only thing I didn’t like about this mask is again I got a few dry patches after the application and before putting makeup on, I had to exfoliate.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks - Detox, glow and purity masks claim to give you the brighter and softer looking skin and help you get rid of the impurities.

These pure clay masks do some of their claims, but what do I really think about these masks? They are not my favourite, especially the detox one, however, for that price it is not bad, but it could have been better. So I am neutral about them and I don’t think I will be repurchasing them after I finish using these ones.

Have you tried any L’Oreal Paris pure clay masks before? What are your thoughts about them? What’s your favourite face mask that you swear by?

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  • audrey

    glow maskı kesinlikle istiyorum..

  • They sure look appealing!

  • Erin Russell

    Thank you for telling me the one I want is your favourite! I love the look of the glow one, but it is never in stock 🙁 The green one always is, so I’m glad I didn’t get it, shame you found it so disappointing 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • I managed to get my hands on glow and purity from the store but then had to order to detox one online and I wish I hadn’t! Green one is good, you can see it absorbing the excessive oil, I just didn’t like that I got a few dry patches (it might be because of my skin acting up lately). Glow one is good, give it a try if you can find it!

  • I think it’s so good that they’ve made affordable high street masks but unfortunately it sounds like you get what you pay for. Disappointing to hear they aren’t that great!

    The Makeup Directory

    • Except detox, other two are good but as you said you get what you pay for!

  • I’m dying to try these! I’ve heard quite a few people rave about them, especially the darker one. It sucks it didn’t work for you but I’ve got the opposite skin type (insanely oily haha). Fingers crossed they come to Australia soon and I can give them a shot x

    Katina Lindaa |

    • Everyone is raving about them, I think it is just my skin acting up lately. I hope it will be available in Australia soon x

  • Jo

    I have tried the purity one (I have combination skin) & I loved it so much I used it 2 nights in a row!! So I have bought the glow one to try too. Shame you weren’t that impressed.

    • I am good with glow and purity, I really don’t like detox!

  • I have only the Pure Glow one and I like it, it’s not revolutionary but it doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves it brightened and cleaner. The Detox mask doesn’t sound good if it was so drying! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Pure glow is my favourite out of three, it brightens up my skin. They are affordable but the detox one just didn’t seem to impress me. x

  • I believe this is the first mixed review I read about these masks so thank you for your honesty! Most clay masks tend to dry my skin out anyway, so I’m now sure I won’t try these!

    • Clay masks can be drying but the detox one (which if for normal skin) dried out my oily skin, that’s weird. Glow is my favourite, it brightens up the skin. I guess I was expecting a lot from them!

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    I have heard a lot about these clay masks! I read about them on a few other blogs too and they look great. Thanks for being honest though, I’ve only ready positive things so far.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • I had high exceptions from these masks, detox didn’t seem to work for me!

  • Daniela

    It’s nice to read honest review. As I have oily skin and love clay masks I am quite looking forward to trying these masks. Although getting clay stuck in my pores doesn’t sound very tempting😊

  • Have read about these but never tried, am curious though about trying the glow mask! Think it’ll be so good for fall when my skin is always going dull! Xx

  • I would definitely go for the red algae one since I need some brightening in my life! Glad to know these products exist, thank you for the reviews!
    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

    • Glow mask with red algae in it is my favourite, it is brightening!

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Awww, I got really excited when I saw they had a Detox one, shame that it didn’t live up to your expectations! Thanks for sharing this honest review, I will probably save myself a purchase here and try something different. I do like the sound of Glow mask, but at the same time, there are probably more effective alternatives out there, like you said. Hope you’re well, darling! Kisses. x x


    • Detox one was the worst one I tried, it might just be me. There are so many great reviews about it, but it wasn’t right for my skin! x

  • Hi Ela! The Glow mask is my favourite too 🙂 But it’s also the only one I’ve tried. I want to try the Detox in the future, but having dry skin I’m afraid it could make my skin feel really unconfortable. I’m very satisfied with the Glow one, though. It’s nice that you got all the 3 of them and gave us your opinion, I was very excited when they came out.
    Have a good day xx


    • I like glow mask, it is actually my favourite and detox is the least favourite. Have a great weekend! x

  • I’ve really been wanting to try these as they look so great! Too bad they didn’t live up to your expectations , though!

    xo, Liz

    • Glow mask is my favourite, it gives a really nice glow but not really happy with detox one. x

  • I love a good mask!! Too bad it wasn’t amazing.Thanks for the review though 🙂

    Enclothed Cognition

  • life is a shoe

    I didnt even know l’oreal had masks! thanks for sharing


  • kate_winford

    I have been hearing so much about these masks! I appreciate your honesty. I will probably pass on these!


    • I had high expectations, however, I’m not really happy with them, but the glow one.

  • Jess

    I might try the glow one but I’ll definitely avoid the others! Xx

  • Abby Evans

    I’ve been after a good drugstore mask, but I think I’ll stick to the Yes to masks. They’re really quite nice!

  • I love clay masks!! I had no idea Loreal made some! Thanks for this review!

  • Good to know they were just okay. It really is hard to find affordable and quality skin care. I feel like skin care isn’t like makeup. There are so many good drugstore brands of makeup, but when it comes to skin care it’s a little harder. And especially masks! Great review and photos lady. 🙂


    • Yes totally agree with you. Skincare is not like makeup, it is hard to find good and affordable products. Thank you 🙂

  • Hungry Caramella

    I’d really like to try the purifying one! 🙂

  • Laurens lifestyle

    I’ve seen these advertised these past few weeks and they look great! Thanks for the info on them 🙂

    Lauren |

  • Nequéren Reis
  • I was on the fence about trying out these masks, because I wasn’t sure l’Oréal skincare would do a lot to my skin, and your reviews has decided me, I won’t try them. Even though the Glow and the Purity masks don’t seem that bad, they’re not amazing enough for me to try them. Having dry patches on oily skin is the worst thing ever, because you get the bad sides of the two haha. Thanks for this super useful review! 🙂

    Julia x

    • If you’re keen to try at least one of them, then I’d recommend glow one. It is exfoliating and it doesn’t really leave your skin feeling dry, of course you have to moisturise right after applying it 🙂 x

  • Hanna

    I hadn’t heard of these before, they looked interesting but it’s too bad they aren’t that great –Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Grey Dress at the White River

  • Karina Guimarães Ribeiro

    I need this masks, the purifying one seems great! xx

    • Purifying is good for getting rid of the excessive oil x

  • Ive seen them in Boots on offer and i was tempted, but i have loads of other ones on the go so i was sensible and didnt get them. After your review, not sure ill try them they seem like a miss to me x.

    • Luckily I didn’t pay the full price 🙂 Glow one is actually good x

  • thisgirlloveschic

    i really need to get my hands on these great post

    This Girl Loves Chic xx

  • My skin is ridiculously oily at the minute so the Purity mask sounds great but I have so many masks to finish before even thinking about buying anymore! Pity you don’t like them enough to to repurchase as they are so affordable!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Purity is good for getting rid of the excessive oil, but then it is not the best.

  • I’ve never tried any masks from L’Oreal before, but the sound great! That brand literally does it all… makeup, skincare and hair products!
    Aleeha xXx

    • L’Oreal is one of the brand that offer good and affordable products!

  • These masks look so amazing! I can’t wait until they’re available here in Australia 🙂
    I’m so interested in the glow mask- it sounds perfect to brighten dull skin!


    Anjelique | snapchat: anjeliquetv

    • I love the fancy packaging, it looks so catchy! Also glow mask is my favourite, it is exfoliating and gives you soft skin x

  • These masks are adorable – I love the little jar! Glad to hear that at least one of them worked really well for you. It really depends on your skin type for the type of mask that you need! I look forward to trying these when I can find them at the store 🙂

    • Totally agree with you, it all depends on your skin type and everyone has different needs. I love the packaging, it is so cute 🙂

  • Thank you so much for an honest review, Ela and judging from your review, I think I’ll try ONLY the Glow Mask, the other two will severely dry out my skin. I have dry skin so I don’t need anymore dryness or dry patches!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I like glow mask, it is exfoliating and brightening, however the other two would be disaster for dry skin!

  • Thanks for the review! For purifying mask, I would recommend Yes to Tomato charcoal mask. Texture wise, it does give you the hot and tight feeling, but it feels great after you wash it! I am not sure if it works on oil/combination skin tho, but it certainly work for acne-prone skin!

    xo Margaret |

    • Thank you for the recommendation, I will check it out! x

  • These masks sound great – all three of them! Great review 🙂
    Kathy x

  • Christina

    I have seen this everywhere! I like that you were honest that they aren’t all that great but the price tag is.

    Ps. has anyone ever told you, you look like nina dobrev??

    xo Christina

  • Ooh maybe I need to try these! Always love masks but I’m usually skeptical about drug store products! Thanks for the review!


    Nicole |

  • Shame that they weren’t perfect for you as they do sound promising! I really need to make more time to sue face masks again, haven’t had much time lately, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • I had no idea L’Oreal even made clay masks! I always say I’m going to use masks more, but never end up using them as often as I’d like. I feel like I’m always on the look out for another great mask though, and based on ur recommendation I will give these a go!

    • They came out with these ones last month. I am the same, I always say I will use masks more often, but then end up forgetting them, hopefully it will change. Glow mask is good, I’d recommend it!

  • Charlotte

    The detox one sounds very odd! I don’t know why but I take so much time in applying a face mask (probably to make sure it looks nice) that by the time I applied it all it would of dried!
    Charlotte //

    • I am the same, but it was impossible with the detox mask.

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Wow those masks sound so great! It must be a great feeling to have them on the skin 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this, I’ll try one of them out for sure!
    xx, Carmen –

  • Nadia

    I haven’t tried these yet but now I know which one I am going for if I am passing by a L’Oreal counter 🙂 Very cute packaging! Really enjoyed this thorough review, sweetie! While I am huge fan of a good charcoal mask, it was disappointing to read how it made your skin feel. Definitely not a winner there! Pure Clay Glow sounds great & I think I would definitely give it a go. It’s nice to pamper your skin from time to time with a good mask or exfoliant. Makes such a difference if the product is fab <3
    xox Nadia

    • I had high expectations from these masks, except detox other two are good. I like how soft my skin gets with that glow mask. Have a great weekend, hun x

  • Thank you for sharing and your honest opinion! I am a sucker for clay mask and have the same skin type so this was really helpful!

    Amanda |

    Instagram | Manda_Lee_Smith

  • I have been looking for the best clay mask! will surely try this!!

  • I’ve been looking at trying a new face mask for ages and these sound amazing! I especially like the sound of the glow one! Thanks for the intro babe, amazing post!!! Xx

  • I’ve been looking forward to this review since seeing a preview on your Instagram! It’s a pity only one of the three masks impressed, though I suppose only one is needed for improved skin anyway! The Clay Glow Mask sounds brilliant and I love the sound of a soft, healthy glow 🙂 Fab review, Ela.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Glow one is good and I like how exfoliating it is. Unfortunately other two were kinda disappointing, however you can’t always win 🙂 x

  • L’Oreal is always my go-to brand! I have been dying to try these! Great review! Thanks for sharing,

    Darriyan xo

    • I like L’Oreal products, they are good and affordable. x

  • They aren’t available in Germany as far as I know, but as soon as I see them I will grab them and give them a go.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Glow one is good, when it is available, you should check it out!

  • Beauty Journal

    Lately I have read so many good stuffs about Loreal clay masks but was afraid to try out because of my dry skin.I guess expect for the glow mask none would work out for me.

    -Karishma | Your Beauty Journal

    • Except glow mask, I’d suggest you to stay away from the other two, they are not good for dry skin!

  • Out of all of them, the Glow one sounds like one I’d like to try. I must say, I love the packaging, but it would’ve been better if they came with an applicator. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • I love the packaging, but it is kinda messy to apply, unless you use makeup brush to apply. I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend! x

  • Great review, Ela! The only one that I’d be interested in trying is the Glow one – the other two wouldn’t suit my skin at all! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  • I am honestly very interested in trying them all. It would be great for combo skin and using them as a combo mask.
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • Glow and purity are good, I found the detox drying and messy 🙂

  • I really like the idea of the Glow Mask! These are so affordable too 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • These masks sound awesome. I love products for glowing skin so I will have to try out the glow mask. 🙂
    Brooke |

  • Missy May

    They sure look lush and wouldn’t mind trying at all. Thanks for your honest review, Ela. 🙂

  • Tessy Onyia

    This looks very nice too,thanks for the review, I always love reading your sincere reviews. Keep it up girlie.

  • I brought these around a week ago and so far Im a fan
    Summer xx

  • Wow I never even knew Loreal had clay masks! I think the Glow Mask would be perfect for me. I would like the Detox Mask too even if I have dry skin. I have a Murad Clarifying Mask that is more for oily/acne-prone skin but I love using it because I feel like it gets rid of pores!


    • I think it was released in the UK back in June or July. Glow one is my favourite, it really leaves the skin so soft and glow. Purity one is good for getting rid of the extra oil and it is mattifying, but I find it a little bit drying.

  • Oh wow! I haven’t tried them, but was interested in the Pure Clay one. However my skin is dry. I wonder if it would make it drier? I use REN clay to ward off breakouts, but it doesn’t leave my skin dry. I like the packaging for these. Sorry you were on the fence about them.

    • I have oily skin and after using purity mask, I feel tightness so it might not be the best one for dry skin.

  • Hello, Ela! I love face masks, but I haven’t tried any of these before. I’m using a Queen Helene mud pack, as well as Cose face sheet masks 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    • I haven’t tried these ones, I hope they are good 🙂 x

  • I’ve heard so much about these face masks, I’m thinking of getting the glow mask as I’m a sucker for anything that makes the skin more glowy! They’re so affordable too.

    Shellie Skillen

    • Then try out glow mask, it will leave your skin so soft and glowy. It is my favourite!

  • I really wanted to try the Detox mask, as being in the city a lot I feel like I’m always around pollution. But I’m not too sure now after reading your review, so thanks for the heads up. But I definitely think that I’m going to try the Glow mask, it sounds great. I’ve been trying to work on revitalising my complexion for a while now. I get what you mean about the hygiene element of the packaging Ela. I use a foundation brush to apply my pot masks, when there’s no applicator. I really love the Body Shops’ Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask. I find that it really clears my pores and polishes the skin.:) – Tips on How to Start a YouTube Channel – Cream Contour and Highlight Tutorial

    • I find the detox one kinda messy and drying, that’s why it is the least loved mask. Glow one is my favourite, it is exfoliating and gives your skin a nice glow. Next time I am planning to use a foundation brush too, it will be less messy and more hygienic 🙂 I will check that TBS mask, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • Becky Hughff

    I do love a good face mask from time to time but don’t like them if they make your skin feel insanely tight! May have to give these a try as my skin is soooo bad at the moment!

    • Tightening effect is good as long as it is not too much that gives you dry patches. I’d recommend glow mask, it is good!

  • Lisa

    The glow mask is my favourite too, I’ve been trying out all three masks for the past month or so and was going to pop them on my blog soon, so,I was really intrigued to read your post and hear your thoughts. Happy we both agree on certain points!!
    Lisa xx xx

    • Glow mask is my favourite and the detox one is the least loved! x

  • I have the detox mask and I absolutely love it. I use it once a week and my skin always feels lovely afterwards. Can’t wait to try the rest. xx

    • Glow mask is my favourite, it makes my skin so soft and give a really nice glow! x

  • Natali Loure

    Nossa amei a resenha , adorei seu blog ♥