When it comes to Summer, all I could think is fresh and floral scents. You don’t want to wear aromatic heavy scents when it is boiling outside, do you? A light spritz of floral Autograph Sheer Radiance might be all you need instead… Continue Reading

According to my hubby, all of these sprays are “just water” without any benefits. I tried to explain that even though “Aqua” is the first ingredient, it doesn’t mean they are just “water”. In the end, I just gave up. Well, there are some things that some men won’t understand and I believe beauty is one of those things. If you also think that all those sprays are just water, then you might want to skip this post because it is all about Pixi Mists and how they improve the skin! Continue Reading

If I had to choose one makeup product, lipstick would definitely be the number one option. I lost count of how many lipsticks I have, but hey, one can never have too many lipsticks! There’s always one colour that would be missing in the collection, right? My lipstick collection has been growing steadily and the latest additions are beautifully packaged Rosie for Autograph lipsticks. Continue Reading

If I had to choose between makeup and skincare to splurge my money on, I would choose the skincare. Fair enough makeup makes everything look prettier and you don’t need to worry about your spot mark, however, when you think about the long term, skincare is the one that will be making difference in the long run. What do you think? When I was a teenager, spending £5-10 on a product was more than enough, however, as you age the priorities change and I don’t have a problem spending £50 on a trusty serum. Luckily, you don’t always need to splurge that much on products, there are good and way affordable products in the market. M&S own brand products are definitely on that affordable and good list. I’d say, they are worth giving a try. I was sent some M&S FORMULA Skincare goodies and all I could say, my love for that brand is growing more and more! Continue Reading