Primers are good for perfecting the skin’s texture, colour and improve the longevity of the makeup. Even though they can do a lot, I know many of us skip that step of the makeup. It is an extra step which maybe you don’t have time for or extra step that doesn’t make any difference whether you do it or not. In my case, it is some of both. Can a hydration primer like Autograph Hydrating Confidence Boost Primer change my mind? Continue Reading

Face oils can be a little tricky and the result of it all depends on your skin’s condition. Some can think that face oils do miracles and the others think they are better off. I’m in the middle! I try different oils… I’m better off with some and there are some that I can’t skip in my routine. Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is a new oil to my skincare routine, what do I think about it? Well, keep on reading! Continue Reading

I’ve tried a handful of lip boosting products before… It’s all because of having small, thin lips and I don’t consider the lip injections. If I could find a product that would temporarily boost the look of my lips, I’d still be happy with that. Any luck so far? Unfortunately no… Can Pixi LipLift Max be an answer to my problems? Maybe? Continue Reading

I have a love and hate relationship with the glittery nail polishes. Love them because they look good and give a little bit of sparkle to the nails… Hate them because it gets so messy when you to remove them and there are glitters everywhere… It is either me or it is the general problem of the sparkles. Leighton Denny Glitter Nail Polish in Stardust is the latest addition to my nail polish stash and it is glittery… Continue Reading