I know how stressful planning the big day can be. I have been there and the stress of it can get unbearable, however, if you already know what exactly you want then things might get a little easier. Just create an ultimate wedding entertainment list and start ticking off the list. Continue Reading

Blogging has never been more lucrative than today. It’s one of the best home businesses to start up because it’s cheap and cost-effective. You and only you can increase your fan base. That is both a good thing and a daunting thing. Because you are on your own regarding a business workforce, you will be shouldering all the responsibility yourself. However, this gives you far greater control over every aspect of your business. That’s another thing, you have to think of your blog as a business. If you want to start a diary that’s fine as this was the original intent of the blog when it first came into being. However, most blogs that generate cash flow will involve the outside world such as product and service reviews. Of course, you have to inject your personality into your posts but ultimately you do need to be business minded. Just like all businesses you will need to consider building a community along with a core base.

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I never thought finding a house would be that hard. Husband and I have been looking to buy a house for almost two years now and guess what? We are not having much luck. We either like the house but not the location, or the house is really run down and you need a big investment or just basically it is way over our budget. Being adult is hard! If you already have a house and want to add extra value, you might want to read this guest post on how to boost the value of your home! I’m sure when I find the right place I will be taking inspirations from this post! Continue Reading

When I find a trusty product, I can’t stop repurchasing it! It also means I might be missing some reals gems out, however, I guess I am ok with it. I have my oils and eye creams which I can’t seem to change but I try something new once in a while to remember why I must always have the trusty ones in stock. I hope I am not alone with that. Now it might be the right time to talk about my go-to eye creams! Let’s talk eye cream… Continue Reading