Every year, Hourglass launches a new limited Ambient Edit Palette and they sell out quickly! If you want to get your hands on one then you really have to be quick. This year’s launch is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette. It is their first release with the new logo which represents their commitment to being a cruelty-free brand. New logo creates a silhouette of a bunny which has a powerful meaning. 5% of profits from this palette will support the Nonhuman Rights Project. Also, Hourglass is committed to being 100% vegan by 2020(they are already 80% vegan) and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette is 100% vegan. Continue Reading

I’ve been using Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum since 30th July, which is almost 9 week. Now it is time to talk about the claims vs reality.  I’m kind of sceptical about products like that, however, it was on the cheaper end so why not give it a try, right? My first impression wasn’t bad, however, it was written only after trying the serum for a little over a week so I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement, however, 9 weeks is a good time frame to talk about a product like that. So, let’s get to the topic and talk about Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum Review… Continue Reading

If you have oily skin, you possibly know the struggle of keeping your makeup looking shine free. Even though there are some setting sprays which aims to give long lasting shine-free finish, it is not always the case. When I saw a snapshot of MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Matte on Instagram, I knew that I had to try it. I’ve been using MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ for years, which is more for dehydrated/dry skin to get dewy finish. Dewy look is not exactly what you might want when you have oily skin but knowing that MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ actually delivers, I had high hopes with MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Matte. Continue Reading

I’ve always been a big fan of Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and always kept going back to it. Also, I prefer it over to most of the high-end mascaras I’ve tried. When I saw Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum being advertised on Maybelline’s Instagram (which mentioned it is Amazon UK exclusive) I had to get my hands on it. Also, £14.95 is a good deal for an eyelash serum as most of the eyelash serums are way expensive than that. Also if it is as good as the mascara then it will definitely be a part of my everyday routine. Continue Reading