Whether you believe that your hair is your crowning glory, or it’s just another thing needs to be done before you leave the house, there could be actions that you are taking that are doing more harm than good. Luckily, in the post below I go through the most common hair running mistakes, and how to correct them. Read on to find out more. Continue Reading

Food has long been one of the most important parts of human society. For thousands of years, people have used meals as a way to forge relationships and get along with one another, with the act of filling someone’s belly being seen as a gesture of goodwill. Of course, in the past, most cities, towns, and villages would be heavily restricted when it comes to the sort of food they have access to. This has lead to a huge amount of diversity in the food which people around the world like to eat, and Asia is home to some of the most interesting options. To make it easier for you to explore this side of food, this post will be exploring a range of regions in this part of the world, giving you an idea of the sort of food the locals love the most.
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Setting up a blog can create you so many different types of opportunities, it just depends on how far you want to go to ensure your blog is right for you. Because one of the main reasons you’ll have set it up is to give yourself a space to share your views and opinions. You’ll get so into setting up your own posts, taking the pictures to go with them, and doing all of the cool things that you’ll be doing to actually get the content for the posts. Once you get the blogging bug, there’s no coming back from it. But you’ll then start to get into your own little blogging group, with plenty of blogging friends around you in the virtual world. You will comment on their posts, simply because you’re really interested in them. And then they will comment on yours, and slowly, you will notice that your blogs attraction is growing and growing. Which can then lead to all sorts of opportunities that you might not have dreamed of having. If this is the way you want to go, here are some great ways that you could increase the attraction of your blog. Continue Reading

When I was in my 20s (sounds like many years ago), Olay was one of the fancy* skincare brands I started using. They were more expensive than my trusty teenage products like Nivea, however, they’re definitely worth the extra money. I still have some Olay products in my routine and I still like them. When I had the chance to try Olay Regenerist Whip, I could not miss it and I am happy that I didn’t miss it! Continue Reading