As the season changes, my skincare routine changes too. I can’t use my regular creams and expect my skin to look all healthy, so I prefer using really moisturising products that would also keep my skin hydrated like Olay Total Effects 7 in 1. Even though I have combination/oily skin, my skin tends to get dry bits, but also still feels, oily if that makes any sense. Applying makeup is such a big problem then.  Continue Reading

Eyebrow routine is one of the things most of us don’t skip. We like to have brows groomed and looking nice, as it really adds definition to the face. When I look at the old photos where I didn’t do anything for my brows, it looks like something is missing, if  you know what I mean. That’s why I like to talk about the Soap and Glory Archery…

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Don’t you like to go for stronger scents for a/w? Autumn scents are all about crispy edgy notes for me. I want something that would be so comforting, but would smell warm and festive. I like changing my perfume depending on the season. In Spring and Summer I go for floral, fresh scents, however, in Autumn and Winter, woody oriental scents are what I love the most and Hugo Boss Orange is one of them… Continue Reading

Blue is one of the trend colour of this season. Dark or light it is one of the shades that some of us like and some of us hate and nail essence nauti girl won’t be an exception. I don’t like to go for dark shades like blues, greens and blacks on nails, because I just don’t think they suit me and I find most of them out of my comfort zone. Even though I might not wear them, I find them looking so pretty. Continue Reading