I never thought finding a house would be that hard. Husband and I have been looking to buy a house for almost two years now and guess what? We are not having much luck. We either like the house but not the location, or the house is really run down and you need a big investment or just basically it is way over our budget. Being adult is hard! If you already have a house and want to add extra value, you might want to read this guest post on how to boost the value of your home! I’m sure when I find the right place I will be taking inspirations from this post! Continue Reading

When I find a trusty product, I can’t stop repurchasing it! It also means I might be missing some reals gems out, however, I guess I am ok with it. I have my oils and eye creams which I can’t seem to change but I try something new once in a while to remember why I must always have the trusty ones in stock. I hope I am not alone with that. Now it might be the right time to talk about my go-to eye creams! Let’s talk eye cream… Continue Reading

Starting your blog off was a piece of cake because you had all the ideas and the skills needed to get underway but with a good blog comes success and often we’re unprepared for the next stage. In this blog, we take a quick look at the next steps to growing your online presence and how to take your blog to the next level. Continue Reading

Get set to bloom… Are you ready for it? If you are not then maybe adding some rose to your life might help you with that. When I was a kid, my parents always kept some rose water in the fridge. When I got hot, I always put some on my face and I liked that hydrating and cooling feeling. Then I went through a phase of not liking any rose scented products. Now? Well, I seem to change my mind. I’m still not too fan of the strongly scented ones, but something subtle like Pixi Rose Tonic has its place in my routine. Continue Reading