As the Autumn is officially 2-3 days away and with the changing weather I’ve started to get into Autumn mood! Seeing the leaves changing colour is one of the things I love about Autumn. Leaves are dying, but they are giving us a colour festival. Having Burgundy Lips just goes so well with the autumn colours…

Burgundy Lips with Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick

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Have you ever thought how hard it is to pick a foundation nowadays? I mean think about like 10-15 years ago and now… Don’t you think that a lot has changed since then? There are so many brands and so many different products that promise so many things.. However, how do you decide which foundation to pick? Continue Reading

Berry shades just remind me of autumn and for some reason I don’t tend to reach for these products during the warm weathers. I like to wear berry nails and lips, so matching combo! I have so many similar shades, I don’t know how I manage to pick up the really similar ones. Does it happen to you too?  Continue Reading

Lip products are one of the makeup bits we can’t get enough. There are different shades for every season and most of us probably like to add them to the makeup collection, even though there are similar ones. However, there is always some space for new ones like these Rimmel products…

I mostly go for lip sticks instead of liquid lip products, let’s say it is because of the previous bad experiences. Sometimes I buy glosses just because they look pretty then end up giving them away without even using them. Continue Reading