If you are having one of these casual weekends, there is nothing better than having an effortless hair. You don’t need to worry about having perfectly looking hair, instead just enjoy the weekend.

I have straight hair and it is hard to keep it all nice during hot humid summer weather, I hate it when my hair gets freeze. Don’t you just hate it too? Continue Reading

Eyeliners are probably one of the essentials in your makeup bags. Black, colourful, waterproof… There are many options to pick from. With a good eyeliner, you can create such great and long lasting looks. Who doesn’t like cat eyeliner right?

In winter I might get the job done with just eye pencil as it stays on quite a long time. However, in summer I surely need an eyeliner. Continue Reading

Nothing is better than being makeup free and having a perfectly cleaned skin before going to bed. So as you rest, your skin can refresh right? First step of achieving this is to clean the makeup properly of course. It is hard to choose the product, which will do that best. Can you rely on what you see or hear without giving it a try yourself? Continue Reading

Think about a weekend where you are only allowed to use two makeup/beauty products for the entire weekend, day and night. How hard would it be to choose the best product for a simple makeup?

My Choices for a Simple Makeup

Primers, foundations, mascaras, lipsticks and so on… There are many makeup products that most of us use on a daily bases. What if we are asked to do a challenge? Continue Reading