Lip glosses are not everyone’s cup of tea, some love it and some hate it, well it is not easy to please everyone right? Spring is here, maybe you should think about changing the routine and try things you are not really into. Having glossy lips can be one of these things, with the reflection of sun your lips would be glowing. Glowing, shimmery Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss range has some colours that you might want to check out.

Lip glosses are back again this year. This year, some of the trends are about having glowy skin and makeup, like applying Vaseline to your eye lids and cheeks to get that dewy look, would you do it? Since I already have oily skin, I will most likely skip it and only use Vaseline on my lips, but I will jump to lip gloss wagon.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss Review

I’ve had these Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss set since November (I guess it’s from Holiday 2015 Collection – Art.Love.Color|Lips), however, I didn’t really used them back then as in Winter having wet lips means getting extra dry lips for me. Do you have the same problem?

The Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss set has 5 lip glosses. Coraline is described as True Coral, it gives glossiness, but there’s not much colour going on. Disco Rose is a Rich Rose colour and gives red&rose mix finish and once the lip gloss settles there’s some reddish tint on the lips. It feels like a sheer lipstick. Orchid is a beautiful sheer berry colour. Pout is Pale Blue Pink and like Coraline, it doesn’t really give any colour, so it rather reflects your natural lips. Superstar is soft golden grape colour and it has really fine shimmers in it. You can see little sparkles on the lips.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss Swatches

SmashBox Be Legendary Lip Gloss is descried as a weightless and non-sticky lip gloss, which I will not agree with 100%, there are weightless lipsticks, however, I don’t think there’s such thing as weightless lip gloss. If you know any, please let me know! When you wear it, you feel it on your lips, but in time it feels lighter, which I don’t really mind. One of the things that put me off with lip glosses is the stickiness; I hate having my hair sticking to my lips, especially when it is windy. These lip glosses are a little sticky, so I won’t agree entirely with non-sticky formula. However, in the end which lip gloss is not sticky? Considering this, I have to say it is certainly better than normal lip glosses.

At first, they have glossy and shiny finish then once it settles they kinda look like in between glossy and opaque, so if you don’t like to have extra shiny lips then you should give this one a try. Most of the glosses are so sheer that you can’t really see any colour on the lips but glossiness, but these ones actually give some colour to the lips, for effortless look it can be a good pick. However, you shouldn’t expect something extra pigmented as they won’t look as pigmented as they look in the tube.

I love the moisturising effect of these lip glosses, my lips feel soft and they don’t tend to dry out. Longevity wise, it lasts a few hours on my lips which is good for a lip gloss (no drinking and eating). Even after a few hours, Disco Rose and Orchid leave some tint on the lips, so you can go for a while without refreshing your lip gloss.

The applicator is a winner, you can apply the lip gloss from both sides and there’s no excessive product on the wand, so you won’t have to worry about having too much lip gloss on the lips. If you like to know more about these lip glosses then please checkout the Smashbox website.

How do you feel about lip glosses? What’s your favourite one? Have you tried Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss? And the most importantly, does it make you feel legendary?

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  • Claire Cavanagh

    I’m still pretty old school and love lip glosses, so these are my sort of product! Think I’d prefer them if they were more pigmented, but Pout and Coraline sound like lovely everyday shades 🙂

    Claire | xx

    • I used to love them when I was a teenager and now I’m not really into it 🙂 wind and lip gloss cause disaster ha ha 🙂 x

  • All the shades look gorgeous. Can’t decide which one I love more.

  • I’ve recently started to use some of my glosses again & I love them! This set looks great with a nice variety of shades xx


    • I’m trying to use lip glosses more, I hope I will get used to them 🙂 xx

  • I used to only wear lip gloss but in the past year i have gone more towards lipstick. I do want to try a more high end lip gloss.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    • I was the same however now I hardly wear them. I want to try new Lancôme ones, they look so cute.

  • They look lovely and are such pretty colours. If they are non sticky I will like them. Thanks for introducing me to the lipgloss selection. Gemma x

    • Most of the lip glosses are sticky, that’s why I hardly use them xx

  • I’m not a huge lip glosses fan either but, when the summertime come, I’m always tempted to try some, plus I keep hearing that they are coming back …

    • Since they are coming back, I will try to wear them more often. I used to love them when I was a teenager.

  • Karina Guimarães Ribeiro

    Lip glosses are always a good idea for the spring and summer, i love the Coraline color.

  • I’ve been getting into glosses a lot recently and I have to give these a try. I think I will most likely get a nude color.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

    • I’m trying to use lip glosses more, maybe I change my mind about them.

  • What gorgeous colours! Thanks for sharing x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I am not a big fan of lip glosses in general, I am more of a lipstick girl.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I am more of a lipstick person too. I just don’t like the stickiness of lip glosses.

  • Hi Ela ♥ I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with glosses, I love a glossy finish, but they almost never have good colour payoff and feel too sticky.. but, as you said, which gloss doesn’t feel sticky for at least a little! I like how ‘Pout’ sounds, like a violet type of colour… and I do love a ponytail and glossy lips in summer! I think I will swap these next time I’m at a SBox counter 🙂
    ps; Its strange that your lips dry out in winter when wearing these type of lippies! its kind of the opposite or me 😉 ow, and I do love the whole glossy look that is trending, not that sure if this kind of look will work under the hot sun!

    Have a great week!

    x Josune @ Your Beauty Script

    • I have love&hate relationship with glosses too. I used to love and wear them all the time when I was a teenager and now I hardly wear them. Stickiness kinda puts me off, well sometimes for beauty we have to do things we don’t really like 🙂
      My lips are dry in general and when it kinda feels wet, then they got weirdly dry which I hate. I’m not really sure how often I’d wear lip glosses in summer like you said I don’t want to imagine hot days wearing lip gloss 🙂 however Spring is the perfect time for it.
      Have a great week, Josune. xx

      • after this post I actually bought myself a lip gloss, :p it’s a Kiko one though 🙂 Spring indeed feels perfect for a glossy shine! x

  • I’m not a massive gloss fan but these sound lovely and I love the colour selection!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • I’m not a lip gloss person either, I still prefer my beloved lipsticks 🙂

  • I am not a fan of lipglosses, mainly because I’m not into sheer finishes – I like opaque colours on my lips, even with nude shades. I often find that people trying out lipglosses as you did here are more often than not a bit disappointed by the products.I guess we expect so much of a product that claims to be ‘legendary’ 😛 So it’s a pity that these are not overly pigmented, because the shades themselves are super pretty!

    Julia x
    Last post: A Spring Outfit of the Day!

    • Every company promises things they can’t give, I’m used to disappointment:) however they give at least some colour to lips, some of the ones I used before didn’t give any tint. I am not a lip gloss person but I will try to use them more often 🙂 x

  • I am not a fan of lip glosses in general because my hair keeps getting stuck onto my lips and it’s just all sorts of grossness. These look really pigmented though but I will pass.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Ah same happens to me and I hate it! I’m a lipstick person and it will always stay that way 🙂

  • I’m drooling over the colors – they’re so springy. I could definitely go for a pretty purple. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • These are such gorgeous looking lipglosses in such pretty colours 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • I love them all! Even though I don’t wear/buy a lot of lip glosses this ones seems super worth it 🙂

    • I hardly buy lip glosses, these were a gift to me so I might as well use them 🙂

  • Lip gloss is where its at for me, especially tinted lip gloss since this is the closest I get to lipstick. So many pretty colors here. Thanks for the info!


    • Lip glosses are perfect for spring, some tint on the lips and shiny finish!

  • Katie

    I love lip glosses for this time of year, these colors are really pretty! My C.O. Bigelow mint lip gloss is probably the least sticky formula I’ve tried.

    • I haven’t used many lip glosses for a long time, I used to love them when I was a teenager 🙂 these are better than the most of the ones I’ve tried, less stickiness 🙂

  • I’ve become more of a gloss girl lately so I will definitely have to give these a swatch when I go makeup shopping, which will probably be soon ;P. I’m glad these aren’t too sticky. I don’t mind some stickiness, but I can’t deal with lip glosses that are so sticky they tend to gunk up on the lips.

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • I’m slowly getting into lip glosses and I’m sure I’ll be using them more often since spring is here:) I haven’t found any lip gloss that’s not sticky so a little bit of stickiness is still fine 🙂 xx

  • Ellie Adams

    I’m not usually much of a gloss person but I absolutely adore Smashbox so I would definitely consider trying these out. The colours look gorgeous, especially the nude!


    • These glosses made me change my mind, they are so pretty! xx

  • I am trying to get more into glosses and these do look lovely. I like the packaging and the colours are stunning 🙂

    Pams Stuff and Things

    • I’m trying to get into glosses too, they are not really my thing however I will make effort to wear more this spring&summer 🙂

  • Been wanting one of these for a while and I love how you photographed the lip gloss!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  • I’m not a gloss girl, I just don’t like the stickiness but these look pretty cool. I love the shades in the range, I might have to give a few a swatch when I’m next in boots. P.s the photography and flatlay in this post are incredible ♥

    • I’m not a lip gloss person either, however lately I’m making effort to wear more. Thank you 🙂

  • I have always loved Smashbox products but haven’t tried these yet. Thanks for the review!


  • I really like the packaging of these!
    I’m not a huge fan of glosses, but my favorite would me Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Mona Lisette. It’s very pigmented and non-sticky!

    • I’m not a lip gloss person either, however I’m making effort to wear them more often lately.

  • Charlotte

    Glosses=a no no from me. Great review though it gives those who are fond of lip glosses an idea about these!
    Charlotte //

    • Glosses are not for everyone, I don’t really like them either, I love my lipsticks!

  • Corinne C

    I can’t get on with lipgloss at all! I feel like a child when I’m wearing it!

    Corinne x

    • Lip gloss was the first makeup item I had, I used to love them! x

  • Becky Hughff

    I’m not the biggest fan of glosses, especially if they’re super sticky but these are such a beautiful set of shades – really like the berry shades!

    • I’m not a lip gloss person either, at least there are not that sticky, otherwise I’d hate it!

  • Roberta Romeo

    Orchid and Pout are my favs! I never tried them but they lok so great especially for their finish! *-*

  • ooo my favourite has got to be superstar and then disco rose for going into spring ! I’m one of those people who loves lipglosses ( even if it is a pain having them stick to your hair to you lips ) and I think these definitely seem legendary hehe 🙂

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    • I’m making effort to wear them more, I still love my lipsticks more 🙂 xx

  • I used to wear only lip glosses a few years back but since joining the blogging world I’ve fallen in love with lipsticks 🙂 But every now and then I reach for a lip gloss if I want a glossy, full looking lips. These Smashbox ones sounds good 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I used to love lip glosses and always wear them instead of lipsticks, however now I’m not a lip gloss person. I hate the sticky formula of the glosses xx

  • i’ve actually never tried smashbox products before so i really want to try their stuff out. might have to step into sephora and have a look x

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    These look amazing! Such stunning colors!!

    Adi xx

  • The pigmentation looks great! I love the red shade. I don’t like lip glosses on windy days, as my hair always blows into it and gets all sticky, but they are my favorite for hot summer days. I use NARS’ tasmania lip gloss the most of all 🙂

    xo, mikéla /

    • I hate it when my hair gets all over my lips, so lip gloss on a windy day is no-go 🙂 x

  • They have some lovely colours! 🙂

    I agree with you on the sticky lip gloss problem – haha! I used to have rally long hair and wear lip gloss a lot, I was always getting stuck when the wind picked up! Haven’t worn gloss in a while, although I do use my paw paw balm on my lips often.

    Away From The Blue

    • I have long hair at the moment and I know the struggle, I really hate it 🙂

  • The packaging looks really nice, but if it’s a sticky lip gloss then it’s not a winner for me! I hate having my hair stick to my lip gloss!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Love your ideas here!

  • Nadia

    What beautiful shades! I was trying to pick my fave and I can’t! Love the lilac’y ones & the nude one so much. I can definitely see lip glosses making a strong comeback. As much as I have always found them to be gross and uncomfortable to wear, I have to admit that a) the formulas have changed since those “super sticky times” lol and b) they definitely look so much better than any lip gloss a decade ago. Shades ranges are especially impressive.
    While I currently have ONE lip gloss in my arsenal, I might try and get a few more by amazing brands like Smashbox and give them a go 🙂 Thanks for a great review, sweetie!
    xox Nadia

    • I used to wear only lip glosses years ago, I don’t know how I managed to do it. Formulas have definitely changed a lot, luckily they are not that sticky anymore 🙂 I still prefer my lipsticks more ha ha 🙂
      Have a great week, hun! xx

  • i have this lipgloss in one shade. i love how they are very thick and transfer the colour. A little bit sticky though for me, but I’m not a gloss kind of girl x

    • They are a little bit sticky, agree with that however it gets better in time. I am not a lip gloss person either! x

  • After years of avoiding glosses I’m getting back into them these days – I love Smashbox so would love to give some of these a whirl!

    Emma |

    • I used to love lip glosses before, however now I wouldn’t call myself a lip gloss person.

  • Jasmin N

    These looks gorgeous!

    ♥: Jasmin N |

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Oh my gosh, I’m totally a lip gloss girl at heart and I LOOOVE the look of these! Honestly, I could never quite embrace the matte lipstick trend – I’ve always been into glosses and sheen lip finish. I’ve actually never tried these, but they look fab and honestly you can’t go wrong with Smashbox – their products are super awesome! x Thanks for the recommendations hun, I will definitely be checking these out. x Orchid is on my radar for sure!


    • I used to love glosses years ago, however now I wouldn’t really say I love them. I am a lipstick person so matte is way better than glossy lips for me 🙂 However this year I will make an effort to wear more glosses.
      Have a great week, lovely! x

  • Jennifer

    Love the photos! I’m not the biggest fan of wearing lip gloss but these look so pretty


  • Ela, thank you so much for a great review! I almost never use lip glosses, since they tend to dry my lips out. I will check these out though, since you said they are moisturizing:) I love all the shades; they look so fresh and fun for spring.

    • I’m not a lip gloss person, I hardly wear them however now I’m making effort to wear them more often 🙂 These are way better than most of the ones I’ve tried, they leave my lips soft.

  • I’ve actually never tried any lip glosses or lipstick from smashbox before. I don’t normally wear lipgloss for the reason u described above and how it my hair always gets stuck to it, so I usually stick to a lipstick. However, I really love these colours! Thanks for another awesome review:-)

    • I am a lipstick person, at least my hair doesn’t get stuck to my lips then ha ha 🙂

  • Christine K

    These glosses look incredible! I’ve recently started using glosses again and see a few colours I would love to have for spring! Love your reviews! 🙂

    • I’m not a lip gloss person, however I am making effort to wear them more often now 🙂

  • Amazing color, this looks so beautiful!

  • Im not a big fan of lip gloss but i must say these colours are beautiful!

    Darriyan xx |

  • Your blog design and photos are beautiful! These look gorgeous 🙂 x

  • Aisha

    I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses but these seems really pretty ! xx

  • I used to love lip glosses and then I went off them when I became completely obsessed with matte lips! Although I still love a matte lip, I want to wear more glosses as I think they look so gorgeous in the Spring season. I love that these aren’t too shiny and sticky, softer opaque glosses always appeal to me more. I really want to try one of these in a brighter colour and completely change up my lip routine. This was such a great review and I’m intrigued to try these now:) – The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit – Unboxing, Review and Swatches

    • I love matte lips trend, it is my favourite! I’m making more effort to wear lip glosses, I think they are perfect for spring&summer 🙂

  • Love the look of Pout! I like cool toned lip colors like that!

    She Likes to Shop

  • These colors look gorgeous and I appreciate your honest review about it! I agree lip glosses are usually sticky, that’s why I don’t wear them often. I love the applicator on this, would love to try it out! Thanks hun!

    xoxo Emily

    • I’m not a lip gloss person, however lately I’ve been wearing them a lot. Lip glosses are perfect for spring xx

  • These sound beautiful, even though I’m not hugely a fan of sticky lips I do think lip glosses can look really beautiful. I’d love to give one of these a go actually. Thanks for sharing! x

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • I’m not a fan of lip glosses, however I like it on others. Stickiness kinds puts me off xx

  • Trang Do

    Gorgeous colors! Nice review!

    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • I haven’t tried any of these glosses, but the colors are gorgeous! My favorite lipgloss is Buxom. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    Morgan |

    • Lately these are the only glosses I’ve tried, I’m not a lip gloss person. I wish you a great week! x

  • Oh wow, these lip glosses look right up my street! They are amazing, all of the colours are so perfect too. Enjoy! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

    • They are so pretty!

      ps. I can’t seem to access your blog 🙁 x

  • wow, these look gorgeous! I don’t tend to go for lip gloss as I much prefer a lip stick, but I

    might have to give these a try!

    a life of a charlotte

    • I am a lipstick person, I hardly wear glosses however these ones changed my mind xx

  • I like the look of the lilac shade, I’m a fan of Smashbox’s primer for reddish skin

  • Im loving these new smash box shades! How cute is the lila one?!



  • Adaleta Avdic

    These look so incredible! xx

  • I really need to try more from Smashbox, these glosses look lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  • Not a big fan of lip glosses as a lot of shimmer doesn’t suit me. But these sound great to me! I’ll have to look out for these 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • I’m not a lip gloss person either, however once in a while, I don’t have a problem wearing them 🙂

  • Absolutely lovely lip glosses, I love the colors, thank you for sharing!!!


  • Ooh now I feel I need these!

    Makeup Monster

  • Oh man, such a bummer that the pigmentation isn’t as vivid on the lips as it is in the tube because when I first saw these pics, I was like, “omg, these colors are GORGEOUS.” I, too, hate wearing glosses that are super sticky. I’ve tried some that weren’t sticky, but more watery in the consistency. These, too, as you would imagine weren’t great, as they’d dry out super fast and look very, shiny upon applying. The struggle is real in finding a comfortable gloss to wear, haha. Thanks so much for the honest review and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



    • It is almost impossible to find a comfortable gloss, well I haven’t found yet 🙂 I’m a lipstick person, however I’m trying to wear glosses more often. Have an amazing week, beauty! x

  • Nina

    I need all these shades. Love them all.

  • Those shades look so amazing! I love a good gloss (so much for the matte looks that are in these days, LOL!).

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  • trend-mixblog

    These all look like such great colors! I love that shimmery nude shade. 🙂

  • cherri

    i’ve never tried these before, but I love Smashbox and these look amazing so will definitely be keeping an eye out for these! x

  • I also hate sticky glosses XD love the shades!
    Nati xx

  • I don’t normally use lip gloss, but these colors are super nice. Thanks for sharing!

    • I don’t wear them often too, I am a lipstick person!

  • I normally like lip glosses, but I have to admit I have been reaching for them more and more lately. I need to try these out, sound good.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

    • I’m a lipstick person, however lately I’ve been wearing glosses more often! x

  • Not a big fan of lip glosses but these ones look and sound really nice! Thanks for sharing this! xx

  • Great review, swatches look amazing x

  • Thanks for this amazing review.


  • Not really into glossy’s but this has interestingly pretty colors! <3

    x Kat of Nested Thoughts

    • I’m not really into glosses either, however once in a while it is fine to wear them!

  • I’m not usually a hug fan of lip glosses but I do love a little slick off gloss over the lips every now and again! That light peach one would look absolutely great paired with a nude lip!


    Anjelique | snapchat: anjeliquetv

    • I am not a fan of glosses either, I’m a lipstick person. Pairing glosses with lipstick gives better finish x

  • Never tried smashbox but seems the color are nice.
    Im not into glosses as well but this one is different.

    Have a great day!

    • Smashbox products are good, I’d highly recomment them.
      Have a lovely week.

  • Erin Russell

    I always forget smashbox as a brand, I really need to try something from them, cause these look fab! Love the colours 🙂

    • I only have a few products from Smashbox and all of them are great, haven’t had a disappointing one yet 🙂

  • i’ve always loved these glosses. its been so long since i’ve used one. now they’re out with this. thanks for the heads up 🙂

    • Glosses are perfect for spring time, a little bit of shine on the lips looks good 🙂

  • Athena Politou

    I used to love glosses but I’ve switched to lipstick these days. Sadly I can only find Smashbox online so I’ve never tried anything from them. If I ever have a lipgloss phase again I might give these a go!


    • I used to only wear glosses when I was a teenager and now I’m no longer a gloss person.

  • I like the innovation and might switch to lip glosses if they all start being as good as these Smash Box ones! The shades are all so pretty too! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    • Smashbox products are good, if you have a chance, give them a try.

  • They look really pretty! I love lipgloss, especially when it’s not sticky, but I’ve never tried one by Smashbox.


    • It is really hard to find non sticky glosses, at least there are better than the most I’ve tried.

  • omg the colors look so pretty!!! i haven’t tried their lip products yet but i’ve only heard good things about their beauty products. really need to go and try. their matte product seems really cool too

    • I have my eyes on the matte products too, I haven’t had any disappointing products so fay, hopefully I will never have ha ha!

  • I love the way you swatched them like this, it’s super pretty! For some reason Smashbox never excited me but I might have to check these out, I need moisturizing lippies!

    • Smashbox primers are good, it’s the first product I tried from them.

  • Great review. I was sent a sample a couple of years ago and I agree. The color is very light and it DOES feel like a lip gloss. They’re ok, but I feel there are better out there.

    • Pigmentation wise they are not the best and of course they feel sticky like most of the glosses, however they get better in time and leave my lips soft.

  • Andrea jueong

    Omg, love the pinkish tones! Beautiful post!

  • BettyCook

    I love smashbox, and thanks for your share