Hello Spring! Hello new beginnings, longer days and blooming flowers. Winter has to be one of my least favourite seasons, it feels like except the fluffy snow there’s nothing to love about it. Finally days will get longer and hopefully it will get warmer too. Since spring can be associated with new beginnings, it is all about starting fresh, it is time to revamp the routine. Spring revamp can be fun, are you gonna be doing it too? What are your Spring essentials? 

There are so many things to do for the new beginnings, things that would make you feel fresh. Cleaning the wardrobe, getting rid of the things which aren’t used for years , changing the routine which we have been used to for a long time. Changing small things can make a big difference, change is a good thing! As the season changes, essentials change too and I think this is the fun thing about the seasons. Adding some Spring Essentials to the routine shouldn’t be fun, right?

My Spring Revamp 2016 – Beauty Bits Everyone Needs

Change the Scent

It is time to leave the strong woody/spicy scents behind and lean towards to more fresh, maybe floral scents depending on your mood. Even if you’re not quite ready to start with fresh ones, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom can be a perfect pick. It is a mixture of fresh and woody notes and perfect for spring revamp. What’s your spring scent?

Softer Skin

Winter can be really rough to the skin. Heavy body lotions and moisturisers are the only way to keep the skin soft and dry flake free. Once it starts getting warmer, I like to change my body lotion and skincare products too depending on my skin’s needs. For body products, having something light is what I prefer, instead of heavy thick creams. Do you change your skin/body products depending on seasons too?

Pastel Nails

Since Autumn we’ve had enough of berry and dark nails, now it is the time of pastels. Pinks, blues, rose quartz, there’s a colour for everyone in 2016. If you still haven’t found your perfect colour, then you should check Pantone’s colours to see the trends colours and add some of these colours to your nail polish stash or you can check out my post Pastel Nails.

Bright Lips

Like with the nails, berry dark lips trend can be left behind. Spring is here, freshness and brightness should be what we focus on. Nude or bright lips, it is all about the way you feel comfortable, also sometimes it is best to leave your comfortzone and try something different. If you’re a nude person, then try bright pinks.

Pink and Highlighted Cheeks

Pink/peachy cheeks are perfect for natural makeup, also these are perfect spring colours. A little touch of pink can give such a nice finish. Strobbing is still a trend this year, if you haven’t tried it before, maybe you can watch some YouTube videos and try it yourself. It actually doesn’t look bad at all, glowy fresh looking skin is flattering.

Layering Mascaras

Have you ever used two mascaras to finish of your makeup? In order to achieve full looking lashes, you can give it a try. You can use one for lengthening and on top of it use something for volume. It is something I’ve been trying for awhile, you can actually see a difference!

I hope you are as happy as I am that Winter is officially over, well it might not be warm but I’m sure we will get there. As I told before, small changes can make a big difference in life. Let’s change one habit, one routine what we are hooked up to. At least this is what I am planning to do this season. Is there anything you’re planning to change? What do you think about Spring revamp? Are you gonna be doing it too? What are the trends you want to try?

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  • I love brighter lips in Spring/Summer, i need to pick up some more of the Apocalips as i loved them last year!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | GIVEAWAY | Win Makeup Geek, Morphe & More

  • Great tips, I wanna try the layered mascara one, as I already follow the others ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion and beauty blog

  • Yiotou_La

    Spring for me means pink lips and pastel nails! I cannot wait to start wearing them!! If only the weather was warmer here, it seems that it’s getting colder day by day here in Cyprus! 🙁


    • It doesn’t seem to get warm in Istanbul too, it is always freezing and feels like winter. I can’t wait for wearing bright shades 🙂

  • I love when spring comes and you refresh everything 🙂 I especially love changing up my perfume and that Dinky one sounds great 🙂 I’ve also bought a lovely coral maxfactor lipstick to brighten up my make up 🙂

    lots of love,Marianne xxx


    • Coral and pink lips are my favourites, they remind me of Spring 🙂 xx

  • I can’t wait to start wearing bright lips again! I feel like I’m always wearing at least two mascaras, it really helps indeed!


    • It is something I’m slowly getting into. Depending on my mascara choice, it makes difference.

  • Ellie Adams

    I absolutely love this idea for a post hun, peachy pinks are a favourite all year round for me but I do absolutely adore getting even peachier/fresher in the spring months. Love switching up scents too!


    • Peachy pink lips and cheeks are perfect for spring/summer, I can’t wait for spring makeup change:) x

  • I did a makeup revamp, but will stick to my rich body butter for a little longer, at least until it gets noticeable warmer. Oh, and no perfume at the moment for me, to not confuse the baby boy.
    I am reale happy for spring to have finally arrived here, even though the weather isn’t exactly perfect spring weather quite yet.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Weather is really unstable here. One day over 20s and the next day around 5 degrees so I will be sticking to rich creams until it gets warmer.
      How long does it take for babies to get used to smells?

  • These are great tips! definitely wanting a different scent, maybe the marc jacobs daisy? i heard great reviews about that, and maybe the pastel nails! i’m still going for nude lipstick because i’m not that confident on pinky lips just yet. hahaha maybe nude pink.


    • Marc Jacobs daisy smells so good, you should check it out! Nude pink is a good start, then transition to pink won’t be that hard then 🙂

  • Hi there! 🙂 How can I follow your blog via google? Anyway, sometimes I do hope that we experience the 4 seasons in my country. Because personally, I love autumn! I used to live in Aspen, Colorado for a year, and I can tell how crazy the weather was. It was like almost everyday it’s winter. Lol. Though, I’m loving the cold weather as always! <3 Moreover, thank you for these tips! I think I can apply it myself since I live in a tropical country 🙂


    • Living the four seasons might not be great, especially the freezing winters 🙂 I’d love to live in a tropical country, at least then I know it won’t be freezing 🙂
      I don’t have gfc but there’s a google page link if you want that.

  • I’m definitely going to be revamping some of my routines. I’m looking forward to experimenting with colour 🙂 Pastel are my favourite! xx


    • I’m looking forward to do that too. I need some colour in my life 🙂 x

  • Pauline

    I totally agree with bright lips – I’ve been looking to rocking new lip colours because I usually dont pay attention to my lips but they can make a look for sure!


    • Once you find your perfect lipstick, I’m sure you’d pay more attention to your lips 🙂

  • Pastel nails are brilliant for Spring and it’s a nice touch to use the Pantone shades!

    • Pastel colours are perfect for Spring. There are quite a few colours in Pantone list that would be perfect spring/summer colours.

  • Sheridan Grady

    I can’t wait to go for a more natural sunkissed make-up look and definitely need some pastel nail colours! Spring is my favourite! xx


    • Natural sun kissed makeup is what I am looking forwards to x

  • Karina Guimarães Ribeiro

    We’re going to autumn here in Brazil , my favorite season! But i love spring too, it is a proper time for natural makeup and pastel nails. xx


    • Autumn is my favourite season too, so I wouldn’t mind going to Autumn again 🙂

  • Lovely post, you are right change is good especially at this time of year! Have a lovely week Ela. Gemma x

  • Glowy skin and pastel nails…I love spring colors!

  • BBW’s Sweet Pea is my favorite Spring/Summer scent!

    Elle | laorcabella.com

    • I can’t remember if I checked it before, but will sure so!

  • Perfumes & nails are definitely the first changes I make in Spring! Great post xx


  • Ashley Christabelle

    Gotta love pastel nails for springtime!! x


  • Great post! Pastel nail polishes and coral blushes are my usual changes when it’s summer. xx

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

  • I love pastel colours at the moment!

    jenna | Beauty And The Style

  • I justttt commented on Anne’s post about something in the air that is making me and my husband starting to clean and doing major purges; me with my makeup/skincare (yes, again!) and him in the garage. LOL!

    This is a great list, Ela and I have been reaching for lots of pastel colours for my nails as well and yes, one must not forget bright lips! I have been rocking YSL Fuchsia in Rage a lot.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I hope the weather gets better asap so I can get into that spring cleaning mood 🙂 Even though it is still kinda cold, I am reaching to pastels and bright colours, at least my makeup feels like spring.

  • I felt so good reading this post because I’m currently doing most of this, except the bright lipstick part, but I certainly will soon! I love DKNY’s delicious scents, which I currently have. I tend to reach for Marc Jacobs’ Oh Lola! omg, it’s definitely my favorite come spring! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far, beauty!



    • DKNY scents are perfect for spring, really fresh and fruity. I hope the weather will get better soon so I can enjoy doing all these things.
      Have a great week, beauty! xx

  • Katie

    Love these tips! I definitely agree about the bright lips and glowy skin.

  • I can’t wait to see all the cool pastel nail shades this season. it’s always so fun to see the different colors and going “omg i need that shade” haha


    • Ha ha I always go that way when I see a new colour 🙂

  • I always crave pastels around this time of year, can’t wait to buy some!

    Makeup Monster

  • Becky Hughff

    You can’t beat pastel shades this time of year, and I’m definitely trying to look after my skin more!!


    • Me too! I need to get my skin looking healthy and glowy!

  • Love these ideas! DKNY Be Delicious is one of my favourite scents though it’s the green one I love! Need to try that mascara tip!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Green one smells good too, I love most of be delicious ones 🙂

  • Yes Yes Yes to all of these, I am a major fan of Pastel nails, they just look so pretty and perfect. And I love layering Mascara’s, I use the Maybelline lash sensational and then go in with a clump free mascara, It works a treat ♥

    • Lash sensation is an amazing mascara, it is one of my favourite 🙂

  • Great post and suggestions! Definitely need to try that mascara tip!

    Xo Lauren

  • Big yes for pastel colours, I love them in spring! I do layer mascaras but I actually very rarely have two at the same time, I try not to buy any until I finish one up. 🙂

    • I can’t resist mascaras, when there’s something new I end up getting it and having so many unused 🙁

  • Lauren Letizio

    love this! So excited for Spring too, although we have pretty good weather year round it is still exciting that it will stay lighter longer. I got my nails done over the weekend and finally went for a lighter color. Such a nice break from the dark colors I have had for the past few months. I have to try that mascara layering technique, sounds amazing!

    blame it on barneys

    • I wish our weather was the same, I wouldn’t mind not having freezing winter 🙂 Pastel colours are perfect for warmer seasons, I keep reaching to them and leaving my dark colours behind. Definitely try out layering mascara, it makes such a big difference xx

  • I’ve never layered mascaras before. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for all the tips 🙂

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

  • Nadia

    I like the whole revamp idea, lovely! Nothing like a gorgeous pastel nail polish combined with a nude lip & a soft touch of blush that can make you feel like “Yup, it’s spring, people” 🙂 I love that days are finally getting longer. Even though I dread the clock change but it will mean more sunshine so it’s a win. Hope your week has started off great, honey!
    xox Nadia
    💗 http://www.mielandmint.com/

    • Yay for longer days, I love having longer days even though it is kinda darker in the mornings. Pastel colours are perfect for spring, I can’t wait to wear them more often.
      Have an amazing week, hun! xx

  • Corinne C

    YES Time to get my Kenzo flower out, which is my scent for warmer months 🙂

    Corinne x

  • Esraa Bassiouny

    I have never used to mascara’s before, but will sure give it a shot.

  • Ela, I am loving the idea of a spring revamp! I am so in the mood to try new beauty products and improve my skincare routine after a long winter. I started by learning contouring technique and dry brushing every morning:) I love the results!


    • I’m happy that winter is finally over, can’t wait for warmer and longer days. I change my skincare and makeup routine and go for something lighter. I’m learning contouring technique too, also try out strobbing too 🙂

  • I definitely use my brighter polishes more in the warmer months! I do wear dark colours in spring/summer, but not as regularly as I do in winter. Same as I do with my wardrobe actually, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Since it is Autumn there, you can wear berry colours 🙂 I’m happy that cold days are almost over!

  • I never thought of changing scents for different seasons would be a thing, but it sounds like a great thing to do :3


    • I tend to change my scent all the time. Woody scents for colder scents and floral fresh scents for warmer days 🙂

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    I love the idea of updating the beauty wardrobe for spring! Honestly, I’m a dark colours girl all year round, and I don’t think I could ever pull off bright lips or pastel nails, I just don’t think they’d suit me! I do however like to rotate my perfume wardrobe depending on the season. Like you said, spring is all about fresh scents, and I’m glad to leave the heavier, woodsy perfumes behind. That DKNY fragrance is lovely and I have it too, but I prefer the Golden Apple edition from the same range – it’s fresh and yummy, and smells like mirabelle plums! <3 Hope you're well, lovely. x


    • I used to think the same, however once you wear it a few times it might change your mind 🙂 I’m sure bright lips would suit you and bring out your eye colour more. DKNY Be delicious range has some lovely scents, I like green one too.
      Have a lovely week, dear! x

  • It’s Autumn here now but I agree with everything you said about Spring! Changing scents is always the first thing I do at the start of every season. I love fresh floral scents for Spring and more woody scents for winter. I’m looking forward to bringing my berry lips out!

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • I am the same with scents, I prefer woody scents in a/w and floral for spring/summer. I love autumn and berry makeup 🙂

  • I love Spring, the longer days and bright sunshine with it still be a little on the chilly side. It is my fave time of year and I agree that I tend to change up my body lotions and perfume too 🙂

    Pams Stuff and Things

    • Finally days are longer and it is not pitch black when I get home 🙂

  • I am focusing on bright lips. It gives such a summer spring look 🙂


  • Spring is my favourite season! And although I’m a massive fan of dark, vampy nails and lips I’m more then ready to embrace the pastels 🙂 And I also change the fragrance for a fresher, more flowery ones 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I love Autumn more however Spring is still one of my favourite:) I can leave berries behind and go for pastels 🙂 x

  • I love changing up my fragrance and adding a little color when it comes to my nail polish 🙂
    Spring is definitely one of my favorite times of year 🙂
    Thirteen Thoughts

    • Spring is one of my favourite too:) looking forward to wearing more pastels 🙂

  • My spring revamp means going for a matte eyeshadow (all about the shimmers during the winter because party season), having long lashes rather than voluminous lashes, and a fresher lip colour. I was all about berry tones from October onwards but I’m changing it up for pink tones now. Also a less matte base. Basically my whole makeup routine gets flipped on its head as the seasons change.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    • It sounds perfect! I was wearing black berries constantly and now I finally left them behind. Spring is all about natural look for me so I can’t wait to start doing all these! x

  • I love what you put together! I do the same thing. It’s like a change in wardrobe 😀 Bring on the new things!

  • I’ve just had a spring clean of my makeup/skincare products and I feel so much better, hate it when it gets too cluttered! Love your tips, definitely things that I switch up in my beauty routines also, as I opt for lighter foundations, pastel nails and add more pinks into my makeup looks x

    Beauty with charm

    • I also need to sprig clean my stuff, I should get rid of the unused ones and open a space for the new ones 🙂 x

  • I definitely need to repair my skin after this harsh winter. It has left my hands feeling so dry. I like using almond oil or a heavy moisturizer. Love your tips, have a nice day.


    • My skin needs to recover too, this winter was so bad and my skin got so dry!

  • My scent is definitely the first thing I change for the new season 🙂 I love pastel nails too – probably my favourite sorts of shades! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • Fresh scents for spring is my favourite 🙂 I love pastels, I can’t wait to wear them more often x

  • Anoushka

    Love this – I’ve already started bringing in blush cheeks as I quite like it for winter too! Definitely should try layering my mascaras – fab tip!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

    • I’m using more pinks on the cheeks. Definitely give it a try, ot makes difference once you find the perfect duo!

  • This makes me want to do a makeup kit re-boot! I think that switching up both your moisturizer and your perfume is such a great idea! I’m going to try the mascara layering today- hopefully it will give me fuller lashes 🙂

    Rachel xx

    • Changing my scent is one of the first things I do when it gets warmer or colder:) you can enjoy Autumn and berry lips 🙂 x

  • Claire Cavanagh

    I’m so with you, goodbye winter 🙂 I really need to start trying layering 2 mascaras, I know some people swear by it!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk xx

    • Once you find the perfect duo, it makes a big difference 🙂 x

  • ahhh essie nail varnishes!! my fav x


  • Little Miss Fashion Queen

    Such amazing products!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  • loving all these spring transition tips, I’m loving the pastel nail colors lately!

    xx Melis

  • I am beyond happy winter is officially over, as it’s definitely my least favorite season. I love the feeling of rebirth that comes with spring! I think the main things I’m going to change are my nail polishes and lipsticks! 😉

    • Winter is my least favourite too, even though it still doesn’t feel warm I’m happy that winter is over. I’ve already stopped using my berry lipsticks and nail polishes 🙂

  • Looks like they’re great products!





  • Thanks for this list Ela! <3

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  • Yes pastel nails are my favorite way to change into the Spring season! I need to try out the mascara trick as well next time I do my makeup:)

    • Pastel nails are perfect for spring, there are so many options 🙂

  • I have never used multiple mascaras for my makeup! I guess because right I’ve kept it to a minimum and only own one haha. I switch my entire skincare routine around the springtime because the air changes quite a bit and therefore my skin doesn’t need as much moisture either!


    • I can’t seem to resist mascaras and I keep purchasing more than I should 🙂 I tend to go for lighter products depending on the weather, I don’t want to be too harsh to my skin 🙂

  • Pink and Highlighted cheeks are everything! Love the post doll x


  • Great post! Loving everything spring lately. Thanks for the list…

  • Nina

    I love changing scent in Spring , as well as pink/plum cheeks and pastel nails. The only thing I haven’t thought about is layering mascaras, and I will try that. Have a lovely day.

    • Layering mascara makes a difference once you find the perfect duo:)

  • Pisa

    Great list dear! Love everything about it! 💜
    I’m so happy that winter is official over! Can’t wait for sunny weather 🙂
    Hugs, Pisa

    • I am so happy that winter is finally over, looking forward to warmer days 🙂

  • Mascara, blush and scents are must for me to change in every season. nice post 🙂 xx

  • SOO excited to pull out pastel nail polishes and fuschia lipsticks! Great list! 😀

    • Me too:) I’ve already started wearing bright lips 🙂

  • I live for pastel nail polishes at the moment! I also love popping out my good old Roses de Chloe perfume for the spring/summer months so I’m definitely excited for that!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Pastel nails are the best, berry season is over now! xx

  • I’m into bright lips and pastel colors. And I always have a new perfume every month so according to your list, I’m kinda set for spring 🙂


    • I’m set for spring too, I can’t wait for warmer and longer days 🙂

  • That layering mascaras is a great tip! And I love pastel nails for spring too x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Charlotte

    As soon as I finished college for half term I immediately painting my nails a pastel shade!
    Charlotte // http://www.charlottespicks.com

  • I’m completely with you on being happy that it’s now Spring Ela! Winter has become so boring and the weather was really getting me down. I love the idea of making changes too, it will definitely make everything feel more fresh and new for Spring time. I have already changed my perfume actually, to a more fresh, sweeter one. I find that’s helped me feel a lot more happier for some reason haha. I really want to get using a pinky highlighter now, that sounds like perfection for Spring.:D

    http://www.youtube.com/veebzboo – My Natural Brow Routine

    • Winter makes me feel down all the time and I hate the freezing cold weather and short days. Finally days are getting longer and hopefully warmer soon. Changing my perfume and going for something fresh gets me into spring mood:) I can’t wait for bright lips, pastel nails and pink cheeks 🙂

  • I love spring! I’ve already painted my nails pastel blue haha!

    Darriyan xx | darriyancateland.blogspot.com

  • Would never have though to use two mascaras, will try that tomorrow night! I love changing up my makeup/perfume in Spring/Summer time x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    • When you find the perfect duo, it makes such a big difference:) x

  • I’m looking for a spring perfume this month now the clocks are going forward its time to step into spring. I love highlighted cheeks pink makeup and Pastle nails in the spring months xx


    • I’m so happy that days are longer now, hopefully it will get warmer too:) I love pastel nails, it is perfect for spring x

  • Definitely like changing scents for spring. More bright and floral notes in my perfume is a big plus for me 🙂

    Maireem | My Fair Autumn | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: myfairautumn

    • Same for me 🙂 floral and fresh scents are my favourite:)

  • Bernadette

    All these products look wonderful.


  • I love the idea of layering mascaras, I have recently been doing this with a Dior purple one and then darkening it with a black one to create a deep purple look 🙂

    Agreed with the pink highlighted cheeks, a gorgeous combo and love a pretty glint of colour to the face.

    Lovely post and suggestions!

    Laura xo


    • I have only had black mascara, I’m not confident to wear colourful ones. Using purple then black is something I can give it a try. I bet it looks beautiful:) x

  • Samileen

    I can’t wait for it start getting warm. But I’m so excited finally the days are a bit longer and yes the fresh makeup look is all I’m looking forward too. Flow-y dresses, sandals/flipflops, sunshine, ahhh everything about spring and summer is exciting and makes me way too happy.

    Sam || Beautydetour

    • I’m so happy that days are finally longer, it is one of the things I love about spring/summer 🙂
      Fresh makeup and floral clothing are perfect for this time of year!

  • Totally agree about pastel in nails.


  • Roberta Romeo

    I love pastel nails too, in fact I’m looking for some cute shades right now! And of course I also change my skin care routine depending of the season, for example in spring I love using lighter cream while in summer I prefer moisturizing oils.
    I have to try that perfume, it looks amazing! *-*

    • I need to get some baby pink nail polishes and a few other shades:) I change my skincare routine too, I tend to go for lighter products when it is warmer 🙂 x

  • Shwetali

    I love using pastel color nail polish and bright lips 🙂 In summer I use oil free moisturizers


    • I love pastel nails and bright lips 🙂 I use lighter products when it is warmer.

  • Aisha

    I’m totally agree with you ! Highlighter and bright lips 🙂 xx


  • Serene Kurd

    I absolutely have been swooning over the Barry M Pastel coloured nail polishes for spring <3 ! & love a bold, bright lip 🙂 xoxo

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    • Barry M has a great selection of nail polishes:) I need to pick a few new shades 🙂 x

  • I think the scent and blush needs to revamp especially on winter to spring.
    Great advice dear.

    Have a great day!


  • Caliope Couture

    I love pastel nails for spring! And layering mascaras is a cool idea – I need to give that a try. Have a great weekend!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

    • I love pastel nails, they are perfect for spring 🙂
      Have a great week!

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  • Jamie RS

    great post! such a very informative post! thank you for sharing 🙂

    xx Jamie | With Love, Jamie

  • I’ve never tried layering mascaras before! Maybe doing this trick can give my tiny lashes some extra volume! 🙂


    • Once you find the perfect duo, it makes a big difference:)

  • Have done neither and now I’m feeling so bad about it hahahaha! Okay maybe the bright lip first :p

    Thank you for the reminder Ela!

    Real Life Nerd


  • What a great post with some really great suggestions! It’s always great to rock a bright lip.
    Pink and highlighted cheeks is something which I love to opt for especially in Spring/Summer, it’s just a must do.

    As for fragrances I’m always wearing different ones, I love Chance eau Tendre for warmer months, it’s a very moorish scent.

    Laura xo


  • I love a peachy cheek for the Spring!

  • Amy – Pamperedprune

    Lovely post 🙂 I have really been making an effort to wear brighter lip colours this Spring and it’s actually been really enjoyable 🙂 x